Interpreter Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: February 8, 2022

Interpreters are bilingual or even trilingual individuals who perform translation for individuals or an organization.

They may be expected to do this verbally or in writing depending on the specific needs of the employer.

Interpreters also convert sign language into a spoken language and usually assist people who may have trouble understanding English.

Since this is a job highly dependent on language skills, any place that you apply to will have its own sets of rules regarding which languages a candidate should know.

The following is a cover letter sample that you can customize to your language skills when applying for an interpreter’s job.

Sample Cover Letter for Interpreter Position

2903 Roaring Lion Road
Hamilton, MT 38484
Cellular: (000) 745-1452

February 8, 2022

Mr. Abraham Willis
Manager HR
536 Wellington Road
Hamilton, MT 64743

Dear Mr. Willis:

I am responding to your job advertisement for the Interpreter position currently available at EDMC. Owing to my excellent command of both English and Spanish languages, I feel confident that I am the best contender.

My broad-based experience in providing interpreting services for various companies will be a real asset to your organization. With a proven track record of accurately interpreting the conversation between Spanish and English speakers, I had been quite successful in providing services to individuals and organizations. Moreover, I have also worked in a corporate environment where I was required to provide translation services to Spanish guests – both verbally and in written forms. Most recently, I have acquired training in sign language interpretation – English to Spanish and Spanish to English which I believe is an added quality.

While my resume speaks volumes for my abilities as an interpreter, I believe that I can further convince you of my candidacy in a meeting. I intend to call your office next week to see if you have an available time slot for an interview.

Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to speaking with you.


Ronald Regan
(000) 745-1452