If you are a fresher who has no practical experience in hand, significance and impact of your objective is higher. Therefore you must focus on building a targeted objective for your resume. It must be customized specifically for every job you apply for.

Look at the following Sample Resume Objectives for Freshers in order to get the basic idea of writing your best objectives.

You are free to choose an objective statement which is most relevant to your occupation and modify it as per job requirements.

Sample Objectives for Freshers’ Resume

• An enthusiastic computer science graduate seeking challenging position with an IT related company offering extensive skills in software development and database management.

• To secure an entry level position in the accounting field where outstanding technical education and analytical skills could be utilized to perk up the company’s profitability.

• Seeking a Data Entry position with a reputed organization where excellent skills in spreadsheet development and maintenance could improve effectiveness and profitability.

• An entry level position as Assistant Engineer where education in civil engineering, high mechanical aptitude and obligation to safety can add to productive operations.

• Looking for a Graphic Designer position with Austin Developers utilizing advanced graphic and artistic skills to offer quality products and obtain the highest level of customer satisfaction.

• To obtain a position at ABC Company where I can make the most of my business education and internship experience.

• Seeking a newly grad position as clinical practice assistant with a renowned healthcare organization utilizing writing, research, and leadership skills.

• Looking for elementary education teacher position with a small independent school district within Austin area.

• Entry Level customer service management position where my education and customer care skills can be utilized to improve customer satisfaction.