Sample Resume Objectives No Experience2 min read

Updated on: November 12, 2016

When is a resume objective most effective? The right answer is for entry level resumes. At the entry level, you do not have a lot to talk about or show off. An objective strategically placed at the beginning of your resume will do a little bit of showing off for you – just enough to get the employer interested in what you have to offer.

It is not true that resume objectives can be done without –in fact, a resume without an objective is considered a bore to read. Let’s be realistic – how many hiring managers do you think actually read the entire resume? Less than 10%. But all of them read the resume objective, making it the single most important thing on a resume. If your objective is a well-written one, you will have no problem in communicating your worth to a prospective employer. If not, you can just pray that you get a chance to prove yourself at an interview, the chances of which diminish considerably if an employer doesn’t see a resume objective.

For entry level positions, writing resume objectives is no biggie. Even if it is not as wonderfully written as the employer expects it to, you will be forgiven because of your lack of experience to do so. Nonetheless, you have to try your best to write a good one. Here are some examples of resume objectives for positions where candidates who wrote them had no experience:

Sample Resume Objectives No Experience

• Highly organized and dedicated Administrative Assistant looking for a position at Wayward People utilizing exceptional administrative and clerical skills to maximize efficiency of office operations.

• High school graduate, with deep knowledge of sales environments, seeking a position as a Sales Representative at Macy’s. Offering demonstrated ability to engage customers to ensure a positive shipping experience and eventual return business.

• Seeking a Janitor position at Bellevue Residency by employing proficiencies in handling cleaning and maintenance work within a large residence environment. Able to effectively contribute to the facility by virtue of knowledge regarding waste management practices and facilities repair and maintenance.

• An exceptionally talented and ambitious individual, with a deep interest in working as a Relationship Assistant at Bank of America. Eager to apply adeptness at bringing individual and corporate accounts to the back through effective marketing and cold calling skills.

• Industrious, methodical and resourceful Secretary, anticipating a position at Platinum HR Management, applying exceptionally well-placed skills in performing administrative and clerical work to support the organization’s work processes.