Working in a supermarket can involve a lot of positions. You can be a cashier, bagger, stocker or manager alike. Supermarket work duties are interrelated and depend on the type of position you are holding.

Cashiers take payments in exchange of goods sold, baggers pack items and deliver them to customers’ cars, stockers stock shelves and managers ensure that all these duties are coordinated in order to provide customers with the best of shopping experiences. Different people on different positions may have different duties but their objective remains the same – customer satisfaction.

If you are a motivated individual looking for work in a dynamic setting with customer orientation as a goal, supermarkets are your best setting. Let us see what resume objectives people working in supermarkets will write on their resume:

Supermarket Resume Objective Examples

▶ Reliable and enthusiastic individual looking for a position as a Cashier at K-Mart where exceptional customer service skills and cash register expertise will be fully utilized to provide an effective support to department

▶ A part time position of Grocery Team member with Whole Foods Market utilizing demonstrated skills in providing courteous and prompt service, steady operating conditions and a gracious atmosphere in order to increase guest confidence and loyalty

▶ Supermarket Bakery Clerk position with Rays Waymart utilizing extensive experience in greeting customers and filling orders with outgoing, friendly, and positive attitude

▶ Seeking a position as a Stocker at Hyper-Mart where my profound understanding of product placement is used to assist customers in shopping easily

▶ To obtain a position as a Manager at Tesco using proficient skills in coordinating department efforts and ensuring customer satisfaction

▶ To work for Stiles Mart as a Grocery Bagger. Offering exceptional expertise of bagging merchandise and assisting customers to ensure complete customer satisfaction

▶ Seeking a Manager position at Domber’s Groceries using exceptional skills in organize different departments to work towards attaining customer orientation an satisfaction


No matter what resume objective you write, you must ensure that it befits skills that you posses and is in harmony to the experience that you have.