Top 10 Reasons for Short Notice Resignation

Updated: May 30, 2023

Resignation time is never comfortable for the person who writes it, or even the person who receives it. If needs to be done, it should be done!

Even though no resignation letter is easy to write, one in which short notice has to be provided is the most difficult of them all.


Well, most organizations have a rule that says that you have to provide a 30-day notice of your intention to leave. Some may even stretch it to 60 days!

There could be many reasons to provide a short-notice resignation. However, you have to articulate in your resignation why you want to leave on such short notice.

And what makes you not follow the rules that have been set?

Here are 10 reasons for a short-notice resignation that you can look through:

1. Found a New Job

Actually, you do need to give proper notice when switching jobs. But if the new employer wants you to join immediately, you must resign quickly so that you don’t lose the new job!

2. Job Dislikeness

Many of us do not work in positions that we have dreamt of. Some people work on jobs that they dislike only to make ends meet. And when enough is enough, you need to move on!

3. Sickness

When you are unwell, you cannot possibly give a 14 or 30-day notice. You have to leave immediately so that you can look after your health.

4. Hostile Work Environment

All of us want cordial work relationships. Hostility is not something that anyone anticipates. However, hostile work environments are real and do warrant immediate resignation.

5. Further Studies

If you are an individual who wants to make yourself better by studying further, your priority will be an education. An impending enrollment crunch may make you resign by providing a short notice period.

6. Personal Schedules

This situation usually prevails for women but in some instances, for men too. The loss of a babysitter or a caregiver for a loved one may need you to reschedule your own work timings. Hence, the short notice resignation.

7. Career Change

Exploring yourself further may lead you to want to change what you have been doing for a while. And if an opportunity is knocking, you may want to answer the door immediately!

8. Saturation

When you feel that there is no way to go up, you would want to change jobs. The inability to stay focused on work because there is no growth warrants an immediate resignation.

9. Illegal Work

You may not know it initially, but the company you represent may be indulging in illegal work. Walk out immediately!

10. Unsafe Work Environment

It does not matter if you got the job after a lot of work, or if your friend pulled strings to make it happen for you. Feeling unsafe at your workplace is a no-go! Trust your gut and walk out immediately!

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