Top 10 Reasons for Short Notice Resignation

Updated on: June 8, 2024

Resignation time is never comfortable for the person who writes it, or even the person who receives it. If needs to be done, it should be done!

Even though no resignation letter is easy to write, one in which short notice has to be provided is the most difficult of them all.


Well, most organizations have a rule that says that you have to provide a 2-weeks notice of your intention to leave. Some may even stretch it to 30 days!

There could be many reasons to provide a short-notice resignation. However, you have to articulate in your resignation why you want to leave on such short notice.

And what makes you not follow the rules that have been set?

Here are 10 reasons for a short-notice resignation that you can look through:

1. Health Issues:

Sudden health problems can necessitate an immediate and unexpected departure.

2. Family Emergency:

Unforeseen family emergencies, such as a serious illness or death in the family, can require leaving a job abruptly.

3. Workplace Harassment:

Experiencing harassment, bullying, or discrimination can prompt an employee to resign without notice to protect their well-being.

4. Better Opportunity:

A job offer that requires immediate start can lead to a hasty resignation, especially if the new role is significantly better in terms of career growth or salary.

5. Relocation:

Unexpected need to relocate to a different city or country can force an employee to resign on short notice.

6. Toxic Work Environment:

Persistently toxic work situations can drive an employee to quit suddenly to escape the negativity and stress.

7. Personal Issues:

Personal problems such as divorce, legal troubles, or severe financial issues can result in the need to resign quickly.

8. Mismatch with Job:

Realizing that the role is not a good fit soon after joining, leading to a decision to leave immediately.

9. Unethical Practices:

Discovering illegal or unethical practices within the company, prompting an urgent departure to avoid being associated with such activities.

10. Safety Concerns:

Unsafe working conditions can lead to an immediate resignation to protect one’s health and safety.

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