A formal resignation letter from Factory Worker position serves numerous purposes. It informs your supervisor or employer that you will be leaving the factory, allow you to move or advance your career with professionalism. It also remains the doors of re-employment open.

Resignation letters from factory worker should be concise and simple, therefore, include just few points.

It is recommended to put your resignation letter on a 2 weeks’ notice.

See the sample below to get an idea how to write a good resignation letter.


Factory Worker Resignation Letter Sample


January 2, 2016

Mr. John Doe, Senior Manager
Operations Division
ABC Factory
39 Example Ave.
Houston, TX 65287


Dear Ms. Doe:

I am writing this letter is to inform you of my resignation from my position as Factory Worker for ABC Factory on two weeks notice. My last day at work will be January 15.

I wish to express my sincere gratitude for the opportunity, training, and assistance you have provided me over the last three years. I learned a lot about different procedures involved in production. I am certain that the skills I have acquired under your supervision will be of great value throughout my career.

I will be contended to provide any assistance during my transition period. Thank you once again for your guidance during my tenure at ABC Factory.



Davis Charles