It is an ethical and professional practice to provide a sufficient notice period when resigning from a position. In case you are unable to provide the same due to an urgent reason, a very polite resignation letter should be given to employer explaining why you are leaving so abruptly.

A resignation letter provided on an immediate basis can engender many problems for an employer. After all, employer has to find an alternate for you and then train him/her to learn the required skills and adjust in a new environment. However, most recruiters are ready for this eventuality and have options they can choose from to hire people in the place of ones leaving immediately.

The following sample of resignation letter is written by an employee wanting to leave the company on an urgent basis. Take a look!


Urgent Resignation Letter Example


Ronald Junior
89 Antler Road
La Place, LA 74666
(000) 989-7659
ronald @ email . com

May 12, 2016

Mr. Robinson Hert
Manager Human Resources
Dundee Inc
23 Richmond Drive
La Place, LA 55251


Dear Mr. Hert:

Please consider this letter as a formal resignation from my position as Assistant Manager for Dundee. While I understand that my contract requires to provide one month’s notice in advance, I would appreciate it if you release me immediately.

I am feeling unwell since last summer and believe that my work is affecting my health even more. Since I am not healthy, I cannot be expected to provide desired results and I believe it will be unfair to both me and the company if I continue to work in this condition. I am in the process of going through several medical tests that should eventually reveal why I am feeling this way and until they are done, I will not be able to work efficiently – or even after.

All of my work is neatly organized in marked folders on my table and in my desktop computer, therefore, ready for immediate handover. I appreciate your understanding about my predicament and making allowances for it. Thank you for the support and guidance provided to me during my tenure at Dundee Inc.



Ronald Junior
Assistant Manager