Entry Level Picker Packer Resume with No Experience

Updated on: March 9, 2023

There is no confusion worse than submitting a resume when you have no relevant experience in hand.

Whenever you are faced with such a situation, think of this – even Steve Jobs must have been in this position at some point in his life!

But see where life took him? Feel better? Great! Let’s move on!

What makes an entry-level picker-packer resume worthwhile?

Consistency, flow, and relevance. If you have these three in check, you are a definite winner.

Not having written a resume before probably means that your first time attempt at writing one, may not be that great. Not an issue – write it as well as you can the first time but do not send it.

Read and reread it to see what it lacks. Take a few days to ponder what changes you can make to it.

Make the changes and read and reread.

When you feel that there are no more changes that you can do, your resume is ready for the employer’s eyes! Send it in!

If you take care of what you write in the content of the resume, you will always win interviews.

And contrary to popular belief that resumes that do not sport an experience section are losers, the experience is not necessary at the entry-level.

Take a look at the following resume sample to see what we mean:

Sample Entry Level Picker Packer Resume with No Experience

William Diaz
Racine, WI
(000) 999-4154
willdi @ email . com


Physically agile and ambitious professional with excellent knowledge of working in busy warehouse environments. Poised to follow detailed procedures and perform routine picking and packing work at ABC Warehouse. A highly adaptable person who has strong communication and interpersonal skills.

High School Diploma
Racine High School, Racine, WI 

Pallet Jack Operator Certification

– Inventory Pulling – Shipment Finalization
– Shipment Examination – Safe Loading and Unloading
– Tagging and Labeling – Safety Rules Enforcement
– Storage Solutions – Scanning Devices Operation
– Safe Packaging – Customer Service


True Fabrication, Racine, WI
Jun 2022 – Dec 2022
• Comprehended orders for picking items, located them in storage areas, and brought them to packing areas.
• Double-checked each item to ensure that the correct item and batch number are displayed.
• Packed pulled items in bubble wrap, Styrofoam, cartons, or boxes according to provided instructions.
• Assisted warehouse workers in tagging and labeling all packed boxes with appropriate information.
• Loaded and unloaded shipments to and from delivery trucks by following safety regulations.

Excellent professional references are available