Fruit Picker Packer Resume: Sample & Job Description

Updated on: June 18, 2023

A fruit picker packer is responsible for selecting and picking vegetables according to size and ripeness, and discards rotting and over-ripened produce.

They also grade, sort, and pack produce into containers, and load filled fruit containers onto trucks.

A resume sample for a fruit picker packer position is provided below for your guidance:

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Sample Resume for Fruit Picker Packer Position

Rosemary Stevenson
837 67th Avenue, Cleveland, OH28038
(000) 999-9999


Extremely dexterous fruit picker and packer with a successful track record of success in identifying, picking, and sorting fruits according to size, type, and ripeness. Competent at checking fruits of different sizes and types and removing rotting and over-ripened fruits. Ability to measure and pack high-quality fruits and vegetables into boxes and load boxes onto trucks and delivery vehicles.

• Fruit Picking • Storage Solutions
• Pack Patterns • Labeling
• Food Safety • Measuring and Weighing
• Inspection • Document Creation
• Sealing • Padding
• Tools Use • Container Arrangement

• Introduced a unique storage solution, increasing fruit life by 65%.
• Devised a padding system that decreased fruit damage by 20%.
• Implemented training sessions that significantly enhanced packing processes.
• Trained 75 fruit packers in food safety measures as part of their training.


Fruit Packer
Falcon Fruit Market, Cleveland, OH
11/2020 – Present
• Check work slips in order to determine packing activities.
• Ensure that packing supplies are obtained.
• Check packing materials to ensure that they are in good working order.
• Pick fruits from storage areas and check them.
• Line crates and cartons with protective materials such as bubble wrap and foamy sheets.
• Place or stack fruits in cartons and crates.
• Seal cartons and crates in order to ensure the safety of contents.
• Create and affix labels with proper information regarding weight, expiry, and destination.
• Load cartons and crates onto awaiting trucks.
• Ensure that packed cartons are properly strapped.
• Prepare associated documentation.

Fruit Picker & Packer
Commodities Inc., Cleveland, OH
2/2017 – 5/2020
• Cleared work areas.
• Assisted in setting up crates and cartons.
• Placed lining inside crates.
• Put items such as fruits and vegetables into cartons.
• Assisted in loading cartons into awaiting delivery trucks.

Diploma: Cleveland High School, Cleveland, OH 

• Able to work in a fast-paced environment
• Ability to perform repetitive tasks
• Good manual dexterity
• Hand-eye coordination
• Bending, crouching, kneeling

Fruit Picker Packer Job Description for Resume

  • Check assigned fruit stacks in order to determine how to pack them.
  • Obtain cartons and crates depending on the type of fruit that needs to be packed.
  • Line cartons or crates with protective layering.
  • Place additional materials inside crates in order to make them safe for fruit transport.
  • Pick each item and check it for conformity.
  • Isolate or waste rotten fruit.
  • Place fruits inside crates.
  • Stack fruits in a safe manner.
  • Label fruits according to provided instructions.
  • Place further packing materials on top of each box.
  • Close crates and cartons and seal them using glue or nails.
  • Weigh each packed fruit carton
  • Adjust quantities in order to ensure uniformity.
  • Count all containers, crates, and bags, and record the number and weight information.
  • Affix labels with information such as weight, address, and delivery timeline.
  • Move boxes and containers to the delivery area by using forklifts or pallet jacks.
  • Load cartons or crates on awaiting delivery trucks and stack them properly.
  • Strap each set of cartons properly.
  • Create documentation such as bills and invoices, and include them with each shipment.
  • Provide information to supervisors regarding packing and delivery timelines.
  • Respond to dispatchers’ inquiries regarding fruit shipments.
  • Ensure that fruit packing and shipping areas are kept clean of peels and packing material leftovers.
  • Oversee inventory of packing items, for example, crates, bags, cartons, and wrapping materials.

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