Cover Letter for IT Help Desk Position

Updated on July 7, 2015

Well-liked cover letters for IT help-desk positions  tell employers that you can:

• Generate new ideas
• Specify goals and understand reasons not to do something
• Recognize problems and devise plans of action to deal with them
• Use efficient learning techniques and apply new skills and knowledge
• Believe in self-worth and maintain a positive view of yourself
• Show understanding, friendliness and adaptability

This is all about you – and it is true that you cannot only write about yourself. But all these things eventually lead to one thing and that is how you can use these abilities to bring success to the company.

Cover letters tell a lot about what an applicant can or cannot do. It is important to write them wisely. Good cover letters edict information of an individual’s marketable skills, crossover skills, job-related capabilities and motivation. All these are very important to an employer. Speaking out about your skills in a cover letter gives it more purpose as opposed to writing one that simply says “I want…” or “I can…”

But skills are not the only thing that make up the DNA of a cover letter. Mention of an accomplishment or two is also important. If you have had some tangible successes, do not be shy to mention them. A sample cover letter for an IT help desk position is given below:


Cover Letter for IT Help Desk Position


Henry Daemon
652 Sixth Street
Dallas, TX 70201
(000) 505-5125
henry@ email . com

July 7, 2015

Mr. David Hasselhoff
Manager Human Resources
ABC Corporation
7736 Hatcher Road
Dallas, TX 75219


Dear Mr. Hasselhoff:

Googling information technology help is no substitute for the experience of a proficient IT helpdesk technician. And that is what I bring to you – unsurpassed experience and skills in information technology support. Having worked as an IT help desk technician for 5 years, I believe that I am now ready to meet the challenges of working at ABC Corporation, which I understand holds a majority of the market in Dallas.

Please take out a minute to review some of my accomplishments in this role:

• Diagnosed and fixed a particularly stubborn connectivity issue for a client that had remained unresolved for 15 days
• Streamlined the ticketing system which increased response efficiency by 65%
• Introduced the concept of support videos and audios which reduced helpline traffic by 50%

With an academic background in information technology and an open mind conducive to constant learning, I believe that I am a good contender for an IT help desk position in your company. I appreciate the courtesy extended in reviewing the enclosed resume. I look forward to a conversation where I can demonstrate my enthusiasm in becoming an integral member of your IT team. I can be contacted at (000) 505-5125 if you need any further information.

Thank you for your time and consideration.




Henry Daemon

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