Painter Resume Examples

Are you a painter by professional and currently seeking a highly-paid job?

Have you built or update your resume and cover letter for painter position that will help you get your dream job?

If yes, then see the following guidelines.


The most important thing that needs to be demonstrated in every painter resume is “can-do attitude.”

You should find out the employer’s needs and show that you can contribute productively.

It can be done by showcasing the most relevant features of your profile on the top.

A compelling summary statement followed by an expertise section usually does the trick.

The following resume samples will help you build or update your resume for painter position.


  1. Painter and Decorator Resume Sample
  2. Painter Job Description for Resume


Painter Resume Sample 1 (Experienced)


Ronald Costa

439 Bay Ave ● Westbury, NY 76003 ● (008) 222-6666 ● [Email]


Committed to attaining excellence in painting arena.

Industrious and methodical professional with 7+ years’ hands-on experience as a painter and decorator. Expert in preparing, painting, polishing, coating and finishing materials made of concrete, wood, brick, and steel. Proven ability to mix, match, and blend different kinds of paints. A team-player who is eager to work with people of different backgrounds. Able to follow instructions timely and precisely.


• Epoxy preparations• Viaduct painting• Glazing and ceiling coats
• Wood polishing• Vinyl paint• Wood and brick coating
• Joint filling• Crack filling• Base coating
• Compound handling• Paint removal• Latex and oil paint

• Introduced motorized roller type applicators at the firm, enhancing the quality of the finished look 50%.
• Prepared ten rooms independently in 3 days.
• Successfully trained two apprentices in the art of painting.


Weatherford, Westbury, NY | 2010 – Present
• Apply primer, paint, stain varnish and enamels to various surfaces to be painted as per detailed orders
• Erect scaffolding and ladders to facilitate painting when needed
• Move furniture and other obstacles from rooms to be decorated
Select and procure the best-suited painting materials and type
• Issue timely work activity reports

Painter Apprentice
Naval Facilities, Westbury, NY | 2008 – 2010
• Cleaned and prepared surfaces to be painted to ensure smooth strokes
• Assisted the painter in producing cost estimates after studying work details
• Spread drop clothes for protection of surrounding area
• Cleaned brushes, applicators and other equipment daily at day end
• Loaded and unloaded the work vehicle with painting material carefully

COMMUNITY SCHOOL, Westbury, NY – 2008

• Demonstrated ability to read, write and understand written instructions
• Adept at calculating painting estimates
• Substantial knowledge of OSHA work safety guidelines
• Possess own safety gear and applicator kit for work


Painter Resume Sample 2 (Entry Level)



Peter Davis

583 Example Street ● San Jose, CA 53369 ● Contact # ●  Email Address

Results-driven and resourceful individual, seeking a challenging position as a Painter with Archstone utilizing exceptional painting skills to bring the excellent results.

• Over one year’s experience as a painter
• Highly skilled in preparing surfaces by scraping, wire brushing, or sanding to a smooth finish
• Profound ability to choose and mix paints and stains to reach desired color and appearance
• Able to calculate the area to be painted and the quantity of paint required
• Demonstrated ability to make out different paints in accordance to value for money and quality
• Adept at maintaining inventory associated with paint jobs
• Proficient in adhering to safety precautions associated with using paints and thinners and physical locations


March 2017 – Present
XYZ Company
, San Jose, CA
• Cover floors and furnishings with drop-cloths and tarps to keep surfaces clean
• Fill holes and cracks in the ceilings and walls with caulk, putty, plaster of Paris, and other compounds
• Apply paint and finishes using hand brushes, rollers, and sprayers
• Organize and execute all activities included in purchasing paints and other supplies and equipment
• Develop painting schedules
• Put up scaffolding and set up ladders
• Handle paint job-related inventory
• Handle preventive maintenance and repairing of equipment

Key Accomplishments
• Formulated a paint concoction free of SLS (approved by XYZ Authorities) to reduce the effects of harmful fumes
• Achieved the Best Painter of the Month Award – Dec 2011

High School Diploma
CITY SCHOOL, San Jose, CA – 2008

• Communication and Customer Service
• Able to follow schedules and meet deadlines
• Capable of working independently
• Good physical health

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