Each resume that you write for ICT Support Engineer position should have one thing in common – the essence of your professional existence. Apart from this, no two resume should look the same, even if they are being written by the same person. Stay as close to what the hiring manager expects from you, and […]

Cover letter writing is highly overrated – by this, we mean that a lot of people fear the process so much that they often end up not sending a cover letter with their resume. This is a resume killer. Resumes need a cover letter to accompany them so that the information in them is complemented […]

A resume is more of a window into your professional experience and skills than anything else. When you write a Picture Framer resume, your main focus should be on how information is presented in it. Anything that is irrelevant should not be made part of a resume. Have a look at the following resume sample […]

Cover letters are considered special documents as they make prospective employers aware of how much you know, and can contribute to their organization in the role of picture framer. While a Picture Framer resume is much more detailed, it is actually a cover letter that makes things easier for hiring managers, as far as hiring […]

Position Overview A picture framer may work independently or with an organization that deals in arts and crafts. The basic work of a picture framer is to well, frame pictures! But it is not as easy as it sounds. Handling picture framing work requires a lot of skill and expertise, as it is imperative not […]

Going through an interview process is like walking on a bed of thorns. It can be uncomfortable, and can bring you down if you fail. The trick is not to slip when asked trick questions – if you know the answers, great; if you don’t, you can politely tell the interviewer that you will need […]

Entry level biochemist resumes can be as complicated to write as those that are written for experienced positions. Since the resume is technically used to provide hiring managers with information on what one is capable of doing, it needs to be written in a way that it highlights your salient features. A resume that talks […]