Ultrasound Tech Cover Letter Example

Updated August 26, 2018

Ultrasound techs work in several capacities such as neuro sonography, echocardiography, abdominal and ophthalmology – they may train in just one or be able to perform all typed of ultrasonic functions. They use highly technical sonography equipment to produce images of organs and provide reports on findings.

The majority of these professionals work in hospitals (state, local, and private). A few of others work in physicians’ offices or imaging clinics. Ultrasound Techs may be on their feet for long periods of time and might need to lift or turn disabled patients.

To get a job as Ultrasound Tech, you need a well-written cover letter which highlights your relevant qualifications, skills, and experience. The following cover letter example will help you if you are looking for a position as an ultrasound tech. Have a look!


Sample Cover Letter for Ultrasound Tech Resume


81 Canterbury Street
Simpsonville, SC 66221

August 26, 2018

Mr. Charles Sheen
Manager HR
Clark Memorial Hospital
902 Cavalier Drive
Simpsonville, SC 83901


Dear Mr. Sheen:

Your job description for Ultrasound Technician position fits perfectly with my career profile. Utilizing my bachelor’s degree in sonography and over three years of hands-on experience, I would able to contribute to the success of your facility.

Based on your requirements, I offer you the following skills and qualifications:

• Demonstrated ability to prepare patients for medical procedures
• Highly skilled in developing, maintaining and operating imaging and ultrasound equipment
• Working knowledge of medical terminology, anatomy, and physiology
• Well-versed in analyzing images to provide preliminary findings for physicians

Also, some of my relevant traits include;

Detail oriented: Able to follow precise instructions to obtain the images needed to diagnose and treat the patients
Good hand-eye coordination: Adept at moving equipment correctly on the patient’s body to get quality images
•  Exceptional physical stamina: Proven ability to work on feet for long periods and lift and move patients

Besides my technical expertise, I possess excellent customer service and interpersonal skills which help me collaborate with patients, families and team members. By nature, I am a compassionate person – this trait makes me a perfect contender as the need to exercise empathy is foremost in this profession.

As an energetic and resourceful Ultrasound Tech, I would like to meet with you soon so we can discuss the benefit of my addition to your team of professionals. I will call you after five working days to obtain an interview appointment. If you need more information regarding my skills and qualifications, you may contact me at (000) 477-5854.

Thank you for your time and consideration.



Chloe Bigg

Enc. Resume