UPS Package Handler Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: August 25, 2022

A cover letter can be the most interesting piece of writing that a hiring manager has ever read, provided you write it in an engaging manner.

Beginning the cover letter on the right foot is exceptionally important to its success.

That being said, how you open your cover letter is very important, as the first impression really is the last impression.

Speaking of cover letter openings, there are several ways of doing this. You can start off the conventional way by referring to the job advertisement that you saw.

Or you could do some name-dropping if you have a reference through which you are applying.

There are many ways that you can attract the interest of a hiring manager – you just have to choose the one most suitable for your situation.

Highlight the things that have impressed you about the company, and provide detailed information on how you can contribute to it.

Here is a sample to give you a little heads-up!

UPS Package Handler Cover Letter Sample

Gregory Tanner
352 West Ave
Sandy, UT 54788
(000) 521-9021

August 25, 2022

Mr. Emmet Ross
Hiring Manager
6321 E 667th S
Sandy, UT 93217

Dear Mr. Ross:

As a highly dexterous package handler, I have strong motivation to contribute to UPS. My communications, package handling, and interpersonal skills make me a great candidate.

During the 5 years that I worked as a package handler at Sandy Mailroom, I have come across many situations that challenged my ability to handle adverse situations. One such instance was when I was handling a package termed “fragile” which “smelt” oddly suspicious, and which due to my sixth sense kicking in, did not pass through the company, resulting in saving its image. Since then, I have learned that package handling may seem like a straightforward job but requires much in terms of analytic skills and observance.

Not only have I handled regular package handling duties during the 6 years that I have worked in this capacity, but I have also performed quality assurance work to ensure that packages are not missorted due to incomplete information. This diligence has earned me the title of “Go-Getter Gregory” at my present place of work, a designation I am proud of!

I possess strong skills in assembling and preparing cartons and containers to prepare items for shipment. Also, I have a great ability to ensure that proper care is provided to mail and packages before they are delivered.

Excited by the prospect of working at UPS in a package handler capacity, I would welcome the chance to speak with you in person or on phone to provide further information on my skills and experience, as they relate to the job.

Thank you for your time and consideration. My resume is attached for your perusal.

Sincere regards,

Gregory Tanner
(000) 521-9021