UPS Package Handler Duties and Responsibilities

Updated on: April 19, 2021
UPS Package Handler Position Overview

As a UPS package handler, you will always be working towards keeping delivery processes running smoothly and on schedule.

Whether you work as a part-time employee, a full-time one, or one who is working on a seasonal basis, you will be required to coordinate efforts with many professionals to ensure that packages are packed and delivered on time.

UPS Package Handler Requirements

Working as a package handler at UPS will require you to be physically active as you will be lifting and moving packages that are as heavy as 70lbs!

This position is dynamic; you will have to very detail oriented if you want to be successful at it. Some part of your work will be inside the office, but mostly, you will be making deliveries to people in your assigned geographical area.

Depending on your work status, you can work from 3 to 4 hours a day to full shifts. Regardless of the shift timings, you will be required to handle the same type of duties – more or less.

If this is what you want to do, you will need to possess a high school diploma or a GED and an energetic personality. So if you are hardworking, do not mind physically exertive work, and can manage time efficiently, working as a UPS package handler is for you!

UPS Package Handler Job Duties, Tasks and Responsibilities

• Check each package to ensure that it is appropriately and safely packed.

• Look for specific markings (such as fragile) to determine how the container will be transported.

• Make sure that all documents are complete with each package and proper delivery address information is visible

• Assist in loading packages onto the delivery vehicle and ensure that fragile packages are stacked/loaded safely.

• Count the number of loaded packages and make sure that they tally with work orders.

• Secure the area which holds packages to be delivered to make sure that nothing falls out.

• Drive delivery vehicles (van or trucks) on preset routes within the city and intercity routes.

• Set GPS systems to navigate routes to provided addresses or use maps to determine address locations.

• Arrive at destinations on time and ensure that the package is being delivered to the right recipient by verifying the identity.

• Ensure that signatures are obtained on receipts and that invoices are handed over to the recipients.

• Physically deliver packages to customers after ensuring that all paperwork is completed.

• Communicate with the office to provide delivery status information.

• Return all undelivered packages to the office and provide reasons for non-delivery.

• Ensure that the delivery vehicle is periodically cleaned and maintained and ready for making rounds.