6 Dental Office Manager Interview Questions and Answers

Updated August 25, 2022
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How you answer the Dental Office Manager interview questions will decide how successful you will be in obtaining the job that you have your heart set on.

Your answers usually set the pace for the next questions.

Preparing for possible interview questions is the best way to ensure success.

You can view the dental office manager job description provided by the employer to be prepared beforehand.

The following set of questions and answers will give you important hints:

Dental Office Manager Interview Questions and Answers

1. How does a dental office manager manage to work on a daily basis?

As a dental office manager, my responsibility is to create and implement policies so that they ensure office efficiency. Hiring and training staff members who know how to handle the work of a dental facility, providing services to clients such as scheduling and follow-up, and maintaining the clinic’s budget and accounting systems are all part of my work as well.

2. If you were to hire a person as a dental office manager, what skills would you look at?

Working knowledge of dental practices and billing, along with experience in creating and maintaining effective liaisons with insurance companies is foremost. The ability to handle clients and provide effective follow-up is also necessary, as is the capability of providing the dentist with administrative and practical support.

3. And what makes you a good choice to hire as a dental office manager at our facility?

I possess a certification from AADOM, along with over 4 years of experience in a dental office manager capacity. In addition to this, I am methodical, hardworking, and resourceful, all of which are required to work effectively as a dental office manager.

4. What is the one thing you did, that had a profound positive effect on the facility where you were working?

I was responsible for suggesting and providing assistance in implementing an online appointment scheduling system, which decreased the pressure on the dental office. I believe this is one of my major accomplishments.

5. On a scale of 1 to 10 (1 being the lowest), where do you place your administrative abilities?

I would give myself a realistic 8. Administrative work is challenging and one learns new things every day.

6. As far as marketing and public relations are concerned, where do you stand?

While it may seem that dental office managers do not do a lot of marketing work, they actually do. Ensuring that the dental facility’s services and new features are communicated to both existing clients and to new ones is the responsibility of a dental office manager. This aims to keep the facility afloat.

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