Picker Packer Qualifications and Skills for Resume

Updated July 3, 2022
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A picker/packer works in warehouse settings or distribution centers. 

They pick customer orders selected from product locations within the production areas. Also, they verify information on location labels and pack and box customer orders for shipping.

The following are some qualifications and skills that you can use to craft the skills and qualifications section of your resume for the picker packer position.

You may use these statements either in the ‘Summary of Qualifications,’ ‘Skills’, or ‘Strengths’ section of your picker packer resume.

Sample Qualifications and Skills for Picker Packer Resume

• Competent in receiving and checking incoming pick tickets.

• Unique talent for locating products using Scan guns and readers.

• Highly skilled in picking and packaging a variety of materials.

• Able to wrap orders before loading on trucks

• Hands-on experience in operating a pick truck/fork lifter and hoist to pull inventory from the warehouse.

• Able to operate a forklift and pallet jack.

• Proven record of placing, arranging, marking, sealing, and tagging items.

• Skilled in reading conditions and identifying the right parts for fulfilling customer orders.

• Excellent knowledge of packing procedures, techniques, tools, and necessary warehouse procedures.

• Proficient in counting and sorting various product items.

• Thorough understanding of assembling finished products into boxes or containers for shipping.

• Skilled in completing manual and electronic forms and shipping documents.

• Highly experienced in using a variety of packing procedures and techniques.

• Extremely proficient in assembling standard shipping boxes and packing contents firmly.

• Able to lift up to 40lbs without support.

• Knowledge of shipping and receiving documents

• Ability to identify shipping requirements and procedures for exact items using manual or automatic processes.

• In-depth understanding of consolidating different items for shipment in keeping with standard operating instructions.

• Known for adhering to health and safety policies and quality standards.

• Considerable attention to detail with accuracy.

• Able to work efficiently in a fast-paced environment.

• Documented success in performing routine packing work.

• Work well in a team-oriented and busy environment.

Top 10 Soft Skills for Picker Packer Resume

  1. Communication
  2. Customer service
  3. Active listening
  4. Interpersonal skills
  5. Teamwork
  6. Attention to DetailProblem-solving
  7. Time management
  8. Physical Dexterity
  9. Computer skills
  10. Good hand-eye coordination

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