Package Handler Job Description and Duties for Resume

Updated on: October 20, 2020
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Package Handler Job Description

Package handlers usually work for courier companies or warehouses. Their primary duty is to pick packages and make them ready for deliveries or shipments.

They assemble cartons according to the items that need to be packed. They make sure that they follow the protocols provided to them when handling different types of packages.

Since package handling is mostly about physical agility, it is essential for people working in this position to be dexterous. They also need to be able to use a variety of hand tools and materials to seal packages and ensure that they are correctly padded for safety purposes.

Additionally, package handlers move items from storage areas to shipment pallets, so they need to have good hand-eye coordination and be able to pick out packages according to the orders provided to them.

Moreover, you will need to possess exceptional communication and listening skills so that you understand your orders well and can pick and pack packages according to specific instructions.

Package Handler Job Duties for Resume

  • Take and study orders for package picking and ensure that they are understood properly.
  • Visit the picking or storage site to pick packages.
  • Read package information (address, barcode, and label) to determine where to look for the package.
  • Pick packages from storage areas and ensure that the information provided on them coincides with work orders.
  • Ensure that containers are loaded onto forklifts and transported to packaging areas.
  • Determine the type of packaging needed for each picked item and assemble cartons accordingly.
  • Pack items according to instructions provided.
  • Ensure that packages are sealed properly using glue and nails.
  • Label packages according to instructions provided on work orders.
  • Load packed boxes onto conveyor belts so that they can be delivered to loading areas.
  • Assist in loading delivery trucks with prepared packages.
  • Make sure that packages are safely stacked in trucks and that all coinciding paperwork is provided to the delivery personnel.
  • Ensure that cycle counting and inventory control procedures are handled in an efficient manner.
  • Create reports on packaging activities on a periodic basis and ensure that packaging and delivery information is posted into the company database.
  • Ensure general maintenance and cleaning of all work areas to ward off possible hazards.
Package Handler Educational Requirements

It is not necessary to possess formal educational credentials when working as a package handler, but you do need to be a high school graduate at the very least. 


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