Switchboard Operator Job Description and Duties for Resume

Updated on: December 16, 2022
Switchboard Operator Job Description

The work of a switchboard operator is an important one and consists mainly of operating communication systems such as telephone exchange, intercom, or public address systems.

He or she makes calls for different people, receives calls and reroutes them to the right people, greets callers, and gives out information about the company.

In some organizations, the switchboard operator also has to keep an eye on alarm systems, seeing to it that fire drill alarms and other alarms blare out at the right time.

Mostly though, their job will be to answer the telephone and greet people as they come in.

Skills & Abilities

You will need to have excellent customer service skills, and an ability to think quickly. A neat appearance will also be necessary.

If you wish to work as a switchboard operator, you might be interested in the following list of duties:

Job Duties for Switchboard Operator Resume

  • Answer all telephone calls and reroute them to the right people using multi-lines and extensions.
  • Create conference calls and assist in making calls through Skype, as well as other internet applications.
  • Greet people who come to the company, and send them to the right staff members after verifying their appointments.
  • Provide information about the company when someone calls in to ask, or walks in, and give out promotional material.
  • Inform the relevant people in the company when their deliveries arrive, and deliver their packages when requested.
  • Type and proofread, and sort incoming and outgoing mail, to provide clerical assistance.
  • Verify telephone bills, ensuring that personal calls are paid for by the employees, and the rest by the company.
  • Monitor alarm systems to see that alarms go off at the right times, and inform supervisors of any issues.
  • Maintain telephone extensions, both to ensure they are all in working order and in getting new extensions for new employees.
  • Maintain files of the administration department and databases as instructed.
  • Create a database of emergency services’ telephone numbers, like the fire department, medical center, and police.
Switchboard Operator Qualifications

The only necessary qualification you need for this kind of job is a high school diploma, although some sort of on-the-job training will be required for you to understand the details of the switchboard itself.

You will also need a pleasant, educated-sounding voice, which should be welcoming but professional. If you have experience in this kind of work, you will probably be considered an excellent candidate.