Hotel Switchboard/PBX Operator Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: April 19, 2019

Imagine this scenario; you have received a Hotel Switchboard Operator resume that has no cover letter complementing it. You look through the resume, clueless what to do with it.

Granted that resumes can tell readers why they are being sent but a hiring manager cannot guess if you really are the right person for the job.

This can only be decided if the employer sees a cover letter too.

Hotel Switchboard Operator Resumes are difficult to gauge, but if a cover letter is attached with them, an employer can be selective in processing the information on the resume.

It means that if he gets enough information out of the cover letter, he can simply go through a selected part of the resume and decide – yes, I want this guy!

That is the beauty of a cover letter – it can focus a prospective employer’s attention on your resume.

Take a look at the following sample for a hotel switchboard / PBX operator position:


Hotel Switchboard / PBX Operator Cover Letter Sample


524 Watson Street
Atlanta, GA 20101

April 19, 2019

Rosemary Stephen
Manager Human Resource
The Grand Hyatt
27 May Avenue
Atlanta, GA 29302


Dear Mrs. Stephen:

I am writing in regard to your PBX Operator position at The Grand Hyatt. I am a dedicated and driven individual who strives to provide the best service to callers and guests.

First contact services are my niche – and I have proved my excellence in providing tier 1 services throughout the long span of my career. My most recent professional commission has been working as a hotel switchboard operator at none other than the famous Crown Resorts.

Stating that my work has been fruitful is an understatement. Working as a switchboard operator is stupendous! Getting to meet and talk to so many different people each day is a delight. And since I am a great people person, holding a job like this doesn’t seem like work at all!

As part of The Grand Hyatt, I will have the following (and more) to offer:

  • Known for operating both conventional and complex switchboard systems.
  • Demonstrated ability to serve a large volume of calls in one day – the most I have handled is 2500 calls in 2 hours.
  • Familiar with using and maintaining intercom and public address systems.

I am eager to meet with you and discuss my qualifications and your requirements in person. I will be in touch with your office at the end of this week to determine if there is a free slot during which we can meet. I can be reached at (000) 777-7777 if you need further information regarding my qualifications.

Thank you for your time and consideration.




Gregory Frank

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