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Switchboard Operator Job Description and Duties for Resume

Switchboard Operator Job Description The work of a switchboard operator is an important one and consists mainly of operating communication systems such as telephone exchange, intercom, or public address systems. He or she makes calls for different people, receives calls and reroutes them to the right people, greets callers, and gives out information about the… Read More »

Hospital Switchboard Operator Duties and Responsibilities

Hospital Switchboard Operator Job Description Hospital switchboard operators are wholly responsible for all the communication that goes on in a hospital. Hence, these people probably have the most important job within a medical facility. When you enter a hospital, you will either be greeted by a front desk operator or a hospital switchboard operator, depending… Read More »

PBX Operator Resume Example

A PBX operator, also known as a Switchboard operator, manages a company’s switchboard. S/he responds to incoming calls and forwards them to the suitable employee and vice versa. You require only a high school education to get this job. On-the-job training will be provided by the employer. In keeping with the Bureau of Labor Statistics,… Read More »

PBX Operator Cover Letter Example

A PBX or private branch exchange operator deals with incoming and outgoing telephone calls for a specific organization. They perform many functions for the company they work for. Also, they handle incoming calls and create connections between outside callers and internal lines, and vice versa. Many candidates believe that a cover letter for the PBX Operator… Read More »