Recreation Officer Resume Example

Updated on: September 14, 2017

You may think otherwise, but a resume is your most potent tool to reach the interview stage.

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Recreation Officer Resume Sample



Henry Fudd

911 Lincoln Road, Pearl River, LA 95411
(000) 985-5241
henfudd @ email . com


Diligent and hardworking Recreation Officer with over 7 years of experience in leading recreational activities across a multitude of platforms. Skilled in providing participants with exceptional leadership to ensure that their recreational goals are met.

Ability to develop and implement age-appropriate recreational activities. Resourceful and ambitious with a track record of tweaking and modifying activities to meet the specific needs of each individual.


✓ Needs Assessment ✓ Plan Creation ✓ Activities Implementation
✓ Equipment Evaluation ✓ Activity Development ✓ Safety Measures
✓ Attendance Maintenance ✓ Maintenance Scheduling ✓ Strategy Management
✓ Process Development ✓ Resource Development ✓ Emergency Response


• Saved the life of an elderly participant, who over-exerted himself and collapsed mid-activity.
• Implemented a series of safety protocols, which were deemed 75% more effective than the set already in place.
• Introduced the concept of age-appropriate activity development, resulting in increased interest from different groups.
• Stayed well within the budget for 3 years straight, without compromising on the quality of the services offered.


Recreation Officer
YMCA, Pearl River, LA | 2014 – Present
• Engage new participants in conversation to determine their specific recreational interests
• Provide interested participants with information on available activities and specifications
• Create and implement age-specific activities for different groups such as adults, children and the elderly
• Lead participants through all activities, ensuring that they are made aware of the rules and regulations
• Provide information regarding safety rules, and ensure that all rules are followed appropriately

Recreation Officer
ABC Company, Pearl River, LA | 2011 – 2014
• Implemented market plan processes related to each areas of specialty
• Developed resources and resource materials specific to each facility and service
• Effectively implemented core security and safety plans to ensure the safety of each member and the premises
• Handled emergencies such as accidents and injuries by employing exceptional skills in providing First Aid and performing CPR
• Assisted members in understanding rules of each recreational activity

Elemental Facilities, Pearl River, LA | 2010 – 2011
• Provided members with information on security and safety protocols to ensure their physical wellbeing
• Ascertained that the metrics of each activity are properly laid out at the beginning of the day
• Cleaned areas such as grounds and rooms where activities were due to take place
• Ascertained that all members were well taken care of during the course of each activity

Pearl River High School, Pearl River, LA – 2009
High School Diploma