Recreation Officer Interview Questions and Answers

Updated on: September 14, 2017

To many, it seems as if one interview is very much the same as another.

In actuality, all interviews have distinctive features. It is up to an interviewee to make sure that these are taken into account before actually appearing for an interview.

What makes each interview different is the organization behind it. Different companies work on separate standards and procedures to develop an interview.

If you want a hint of what you will have to go through during an interview, it is best to first research the company. For a recreation officer position, the following set of interview questions and answers should suffice in bringing you on par:


Recreation Officer Interview Questions and Answers

What exactly have you been doing in the role of a recreation officer?
As a recreation officer, I have been working diligently to create and implement age-specific recreational activities. In addition to developing them, I have been busy leading each activity to ensure that all participants reach their goals, and ensuring their safety before, during and after the activity. Also, I have been actively modifying activities to meet the individual needs of each participant, and have on occasion, administered first aid and CPR.

What is the one skill that you possess which you believe helps you immensely with your work? And why?
My communication skills are what I believe help me on a great level. This is because leading and implementing activity plans is all about communicating the right information.

Do you have an accomplishment to your name?
As a matter of fact, I have several achievements to my name, the most recent being an instance where I singlehandedly led a team of 500 participants through 6 different recreational activities, within 2 days!

How important is safety to you?
Safety is my priority. I make sure that I put all safety rules in front of participants before each activity commences, and ensure that all rules are being followed diligently. This, I usually achieve by not only enforcing safety rules, but also explaining the rules of activities so that they are conducted within the margins of safety.

Has a major accident ever transpired while you were leading an activity?
Since I place so much emphasis on safety, untoward incidents are few and far between. Minor injuries such as bruises and cuts are all in a day’s work though.

Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?
I love this work, and I am training hard to eventually get to a recreation director position soon.