Recreation Aide Job Description for Resume

Updated on: June 17, 2019

General Overview

Popular working environments for recreational aides include recreation facilities and public, private or volunteer groups.

They are entrusted with organizing and promoting recreational activities such as sports, music, dramatics, and camping. Some recreation aides are also required to organize groups of people who may have the same hobbies.


As a recreation aide, you will be required to assist in operating leagues, tournaments, and daily planned activities.

You will need to be good with people – exceptional communication skills are the most important consideration for people looking for a recreation aide’s job – and you will also need to be an excellent coordinator.

Since many recreation aides lead sports and games, it is essential for them to understand game rules and possess some crafting knowledge.

Recreation aides also need to be good at maintaining discipline as they are usually required to handle large groups of culturally and religiously diverse people.


The ability to work harmoniously with people is a prerequisite of a recreation aide’s job. Since camping is a favorite recreation activity, it is essential for recreation aids to possess knowledge o administering CPR and First Aid during emergencies.

A list of duties for the position of a recreation aide is given below:

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Job Description for Recreation Aide Resume

• Set up recreational activities by referring to project plans

• Ensure that there are enough participants for an event to be able to take off

• Assist in interviewing participants to gauge their interests and make sure that they conform to activity program directives

• Provide information regarding activities and registration procedures

• Ensure that any clerical or administrative work such as copying, filing and record keeping is handled properly

• Provide participants with routine information on rules and procedures

• Lead activities such as sports, games, hobbies, and camping by following provided process information

• Make sure that each participant understands what a particular activity consists of

• Respond to questions put forward by participants and act as a buffer during brawls or fights

• Ensure the procurement of proper supplies and materials for each activity

• Keep recreation facilities clean and in order at all times

• Ensure that each participant makes payment for their choice of action and provide them with receipt

• Make sure that activities such as story reading and movie showing are done as per schedule

• Perform preventative and general maintenance on equipment such as sports equipment, musical instruments and camping tents used during activities

• Act as a point of contact for participants looking for transfers between activities or solutions to problems

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