Recreation Officer Job Description for Resume

Updated on: September 14, 2017

Position Overview

Recreation officers are hired by facilities that offer services such as sports, camping, adventure trips and games. These individuals are basically required to provide guidance to participants so that they perform their activities as per protocol and regulations. Typically, a recreation officer is the first point of contact for participants who have enrolled in a recreation program.

Position Requirements

Usually, a high school diploma or a GED equivalent is sufficient to work at this position. However, a facility may require you to be trained in a particular area – many facilities also provide training on the job. The basic work of a recreation officer is to create and implement recreation activities across many platforms, and for different age groups.

Ensuring that each participant is made aware of the rules and regulations of each activity he or she is taking part in, is also the responsibility of a recreation officer. In addition to this, recreation officers make sure that they provide participants with information on safety protocols, and make sure that they follow them appropriately.

To work as a recreation officer, your communication skills need to be exceptional. Furthermore, you need to be able to handle tricky situations such as accidents and injuries, which is why formal training in administering CPR and First Aid is also required. To see what else you will be doing in the role of a recreation officer, refer to the list of duties below:


Job Description for Recreation Officer Resume


• Engage newly enrolled members in conversation to determine what their specific interests are.

• Provide members with information on offered services, and assist them in choosing the right activities.

• Educate members about the rules, regulations and protocols of the facility, ensuring that they comprehend each aspect fully.

• Provide members with information on safety and security measures that need to be considered, to ensure their physical wellbeing.

• Create and implement activities based on the individual needs of each member, and ensure that age-specific activities are strategized.

• Tweak or modify present activities to meet the dynamic needs of each participant.

• Lead each activity according to the specifics provided by the management, ensuring all of them lead to identified goals.

• Determine budgets for each recreational activity, and ensure that all work is completed within the specified budgetary parameters.

• Ascertain that the facility is kept clean at all times, and that it is safe for planned activities.

• Administer First Aid and CPR during instances of accidents and injuries, aiming to minimize member discomfort.