Entry Level Juvenile Probation Officer Resume No Experience

Updated on: August 15, 2019

An entry-level position as a juvenile probation officer will require you to create a resume to impress a hiring manager enough so that he or she gives you an interview chance.

As a Juvenile Probation Officer, with no experience in hand, you will have to depend on your skills and knowledge of the work.


Everything that you know about the work, must be highlighted in your resume.

You do not have to dwell on experience – you can put in information regarding your degree, and academic skills as well.

Making the resume a good read is important.



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Entry Level Juvenile Probation Officer Resume No Experience


Owen Wilson
58 Ruby Road, West Palm Beach, FL 40210
(000) 999-9999


A highly competent juvenile probation officer, with extensive knowledge of acting as an intermediary between the system of justice, and juvenile delinquents. Exceptionally adept at supervising, and helping in the rehabilitation of young criminal offenders, by providing behavior monitoring, and counseling services.

Master’s Degree in Human Services
Florida State University, West Palm Beach, FL – 2019

Award and Honors

• Awarded Student of the Year plaque, owing to exceptional progress in an academic setting, throughout the course
• Honored for representing the university in 4 academic competitions, and winning all of them

Academic Achievements

• Remained on top of the class during the entirety of the degree program
• Suggested incorporation of a counseling course into the curriculum, as a result, increased student interest


• Community Service Work
• Rehabilitation Assistance
• Counseling
• Social Services Liaison
• Grant Writing
• Substance Abuse Assistance
• Progress Monitoring
• Needs Assessment


State of Florida, West Palm Beach, FL | 2/2019 – 5/2019

• Assisted in performing social investigations and evaluations of juvenile delinquents
• Set up and conducted interviews with relatives and employers
• Prepared written assessments of all assigned cases
• Referred juvenile offenders to social programs
• Assisted dropouts in getting back to school
• Provided recommendations for foster care facilities
• Assisted in the designing of rehabilitation programs

• Business Intelligence and Reporting Tools
• MS Word, Excel, and PowerPoint
• Internet and Email

English, French, and German

• Volunteered services at the local juvenile detention center for 3 months
• Part of a team of volunteers working towards the rehabilitation of children suffering from physical and emotional abuse

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