Cover Letter for a Correctional Officer with No Experience

Updated on: August 16, 2020

If a prospective employer has read your cover letter with interest, there is a good chance of him picking up your resume to confirm a positive first impression. Alternately, both cover letter and resume can get stacked for later consideration.

The trick is to make your cover letter qualify for the stack that eventually leads to interviews.

There are 5 hallmarks that define a standout cover letter – something that separates it from the other yawners which well, state the obvious. What are these hallmarks? Look below:

• Strong personalization
• High energy
• Relevant information
• Not too formal but professional nonetheless
• An interesting read

Does it look like a piece of art rather than a cover letter? Well, that is true in a way. And it takes time to develop these pieces of art so one must spend a lot of time creating a cover letter.

If you are writing a cover letter for a correctional officer position and that too for the very first time – and do not have much experience – you will need to be extra careful.

Stating your qualifications in terms of benefits and correlating an employer’s requirement with your top competencies, will get you noticed immediately.

Lack of experience is not a deterrent to obtaining a good job – bad cover letter writing skills are.

The following cover letter sample for a correctional officer position (who has no experience) can be referred to for ideas:


Cover Letter for a Correctional Officer with No Experience


Nathan Crew
(000) 888-8888
[email protected] email . com

August 6, 2020

Mr. Tyson Kercher
Director – Corrections
Kansas Juvenile Justice Department
182 S Hickory Road
Mulberry, KS 92732


Dear Mr. Kercher:

The courage to work for a correctional facility is something that has been ingrained in me since high school. And it is this love for my work and commitment to positive community service that I would like to offer to the Kansas Juvenile Justice Department.

As a recent graduate, I have current knowledge of modern security operations that are the need of every juvenile correctional facility. But this is not all. Please refer below for some of the qualifications that I possess, which make me an excellent choice for a correctional officer position with your department:

• Functional knowledge of providing safety during correctional activities.
• Skilled in conducting shakedowns for contraband materials.
• Special talent for supervising inmate movement and activities within housing units.
• Able to assist with the rehabilitative needs of inmates.

As someone who has a clear view of how juvenile facilities must be run, I am positive that I am your best bet at this point. To elaborate my abilities further, I would like an opportunity to meet with you in person, for which I will call your office next week. If you need to contact me, I can be reached at (000) 888-8888.

Thank you very much for your consideration.




Nathan Crew