Public Information Officer Resume Objectives

Updated May 21, 2017

Resume objectives can be of many different types. Since you pretty much have a free hand in writing resume objectives, you do not really have to worry much. However, some measure of accuracy may be required. For instance, a resume objective written for a public information officer position must highlight the candidate’s communication abilities at the very least.

When beginning a public information officer resume with an objective, always make a thorough self-analysis first. See what makes you as great as you are, and mention all that you can do for an organization. Selfless resume objectives can lead you straight to interviews. Mostly, hiring authorities look at resume objectives and decide not to read further. There could be two reasons for this. The hiring manager thinks that your objective is so badly written and he or she has no expectations from what is written in the rest of the resume. Or the resume objective is so awesomely written that the hiring manager does not need to read the rest of the resume, quickly deciding that he will call you in for an interview.

To make sure that the latter situation prevails, you have to pay special attention to how the beginning of your resume is handled. The more effort you put into writing a good objective, the easier your journey to the interview stage will be. Here are some samples that you can take ideas from:

Sample Objectives for Public Information Officer Resume

• Extensively trained and resourceful Public Information Officer with over 5 years of experience in leading the development of risk mitigation plans and effective social media strategies looking for a position at AECOM.

• Seeking a position as a Public Information Officer at United Nations. Bringing successful track record in planning and assisting with community relations events. Deep insight into managing companies’ overall media response initiatives and continual development of working relationships with key members.

• To obtain a Public Information Officer position with Napa Valley Transportation Authority utilizing ability to respond to the media and public, along with establishing effective relationships with agency heads, key personnel and the public at large.

• Highly experienced, organized and meticulous Public Information Officer with deep insight into the principles, techniques and objectives of public information and relations programs, presently anticipating a position at the University of the Pacific.

• Desire a Public Information Officer position at Department of Design and Construction. Offering exceptional abilities in establishing, developing and maintaining contact with media, professional and civic organizations and special interest groups, aimed at promoting the department’s programs.