Sheriff Interview Questions and Answers

Updated on: September 28, 2019

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A sheriff’s job is to enforce the law at the county level. Supervising a force of deputies is also the main work of a sheriff. He or she performs training sessions at police academies and training facilities.


Before you appear in the Sheriff interview, make sure that you know what the work is all about, and how many challenges you will face.

Working as a sheriff means that you will be in a position of great responsibility. Therefore, in an interview, your focus should be on how much justice you can do to this profession.

In a sheriff interview, some interview questions will test your knowledge of the work. Others will focus on your ability to handle different situations.



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A set of sheriff interview questions and answers is provided below for your reference.


Sheriff Interview Questions and Answers

From all the choices that you could have made, what made you decide to make a career in law enforcement?

To be perfectly honest, I always wanted to be a sheriff. What started as a mere play, turned into something more serious over the years. When I was finally old enough, I realized that it was much more than just a game. And I still loved the work. So, here I am!

While working as a sheriff, what duties have you been responsible for?

I have been working as a sheriff for five years now. During this time, I have been responsible for many tasks, such as law enforcement, court duties, and county finances. I have also been working on traffic control.

The following sums up my duties in this regard:

• Supervise deputy forces and other departmental employees
• Enforce rules at the county level
• Check budgets and oversee funds distribution
• Act as the warden of the county jail
• Respond to calls for assistance
• Apprehend and place criminals in protective custody
• Drive vehicles and patrol specific areas
• Investigate illegal activities
• Work with patrol units to take violators into custody

In your opinion, what skills does one need to work as a sheriff?

I believe that working as a sheriff does not require just one skill, but a set of them. In fact, one has to make sure that all skills align with each other.

As a sheriff, it is imperative to possess the ability to monitor law enforcement teams in a proper manner. Also, one needs to be knowledgeable about investigating crimes and maintaining public peace.

Moreover, a sheriff must arrest criminals and ensure that they are brought to justice.

How do you feel about working at such a risky job?

Honestly, all jobs are risky. One never knows when one’s time is up. If one takes the right precautions, one can always minimize risk. I am okay with working at this position because I know and enjoy my work and associated risks.

Tell us of a time when you handled a complicated case.

I have handled many complex cases over the years. Recently, I responded to a crime scene call from a patrol team. There was no clue as to what had happened.

A murder had taken place, but the room where it had been committed was locked from the inside. No windows were forced. There was no clue as to who the murderer was and how he committed it.

It took me three weeks to figure out that the murder had been done by a staff member, who knew that there was a secret entrance to the room. Earlier, we had checked every nook and cranny and came up with nothing. So, discovering the entrance was quite a breakthrough.

What is your take on crimes? Do you have a way to channelize your investigation?

In order to figure out what happened, I have to think like the criminal. And believe me, that is not such an easy thing to do. My investigation is usually based on how the criminal would have committed the crime, and often, enacting the scenario. Works almost every time!

Have you ever been given a case that you could not resolve?

Apart from the current case that I am on, I have managed to resolve all my cases. The ongoing one is another complex one, which is in limbo at the moment. However, I plan to crack it very soon.

When you first became a sheriff, did you know what you were getting yourself into?

Honestly speaking, no. I knew it would be challenging, but not as challenging as it really is!

So, how do you handle challenges?

I am a methodical individual who does not have issues in managing challenges. I welcome them, dissect them, and then meet their demands head-on!

How would you describe yourself as a leader?

I deem myself a great leader. I have been responsible for training and mentoring in many units. My teams respect me and consider me to be solution-oriented.

What would you like to change about the current law in your state?

Like many other Americans, I also believe that gun laws should be tightened in the country. I opine that most crimes are committed because criminals have ready access to weapons. This really needs to change.

What is the most important administrative task that you are responsible for?

Preparing budgets and developing procedures and guidelines are two important administrative areas that I am responsible for.

Have you ever worked in conjunction with a corrections facility?

Many times. Working with corrections facilities is a huge part of my job description.

How would your subordinates describe you as a person?

Some of them will sing praises for my kindness. Others will tell you that I am a tough cookie. This parity comes about because of the way in which I have handled cases with particular team members. With some, I have had to be tough. With others, working has been a breeze.

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