Customs Officer Skills and Abilities for Resume

Updated on: January 6, 2021

Only the very skilled customs officers make their way into fieldwork. Since this is where all the excitement is, candidates usually opt for fieldwork.

In order to be eligible for this position, you have to show the hiring manager that you are skilled enough for it.

Luckily, most resume formats have a dedicated skills section to do this. It is important for you to choose the right format so that you can add skills information.

For a customs officer position, your skills need to be highly emphasized.

These would include knowledge of clearing goods through customs and preparing and processing documentation.

One thing that you must remember is that the hiring manager is looking for someone who needs minimal supervision and can effectively handle issues and unforeseen incidents.

Skills as a customs officer are most important for many reasons, the main one being the nature of the job. You will face many adversities.

Here is a skills list that you can use to build a Customs Officer Resume:

Sample Hard Skills for Customs Officer Resume

• Highly skilled in preparing and processing import and export documentation in accordance with laws and regulations

• Demonstrated ability to advise customers on import and export restrictions and tariff systems

• Well-versed in applying for tariff concessions and duty drawbacks, in addition to other refunds

• Exceptionally talented in classifying goods in accordance with tariff systems

• Documented success in searching for luggage, vehicles, and passengers for banned items

• Familiar with preparing reports and witness statements

• Highly knowledgeable about identifying people to question on basis of suspicions

• Well-versed in detaining and interviewing suspects in order to determine their intent

• Unmatched ability to make regular reports to commanding officers and supervisors

• Proficient in performing K-9 inspections, ensuring that assigned dogs are carefully led

• Adept at working on special response teams in order to deal with dangerous situations

• Hands-on experience in detecting and prosecuting smugglers and handling smuggled items

• In-depth knowledge of helping in the combat of illegal substance use, and trade of endangered animals

• Talented in dealing with revenue on imported goods

• Exceptional know-how of handling issues related to unreasonable passengers

• Qualified to handle border control issues, such as carnapping, and rental car documentation

• Committed to ensuring proper control on imported goods, in synchronization with the country or state’s rules

• Excellent skills in handling pre-clearance duty stations

• Particularly effective in randomized checks, as well as planned checking on incoming and outgoing shipments

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