Customs Officer Resume Sample and Guidance

Updated on: January 6, 2021

Customs officers play an important role in ship ports, airports, and train stations.

In order for a hiring manager to take your customs officer resume seriously, you must fill it with information that the hiring manager wants to see.

The good thing about resumes is that they are highly detailed. Therefore, you can highlight every aspect of your qualifications and work in them. However, you have to be very specific to the needs of the employer when writing a customs officer resume.

Study the example below to get guidance and ideas.

Sample Resume for Customs Officer Position

Sarah Cooper
7 Blink Street, Fredrick, MD 10211
(000) 999-9999


Vigilant Customs Officer with extensive experience in assisting in the prevention of smuggling, and fighting illegal trade. Highly analytic individual, with a keen sense of handling problems and issues related to banned items. Effectively able to work in conjunction with law enforcement officials, such as police and home office representatives.

• Selected as the only officer on board to work on a special response team, owing to excellence in work.
• Successfully stopped 10 kgs of cocaine being brought into the country, by handling a tipoff in a professional manner.
• Implemented a cargo inspection system that increased inspection efficiency by 50%.
• Singlehandedly managed a K-9 inspection onboard a ship.


Customs Officer
Fredrick Port, Fredrick, MD 

• Work on intelligence information in order to catch passengers holding banned items
• Search people and luggage to determine contraband items
• Check documents in order to ensure that no smuggling is being carried out
• Seize smuggled goods such as drugs, guns, and other items bearing no documents
• Check and approve documentation on imported goods
• Clear goods through customs by applying rules and regulations
• Prepare and process import and export documentation
• Advise passengers on import and export regulations and laws
• Apprehend people carrying banned items and take witness statements
• Work in conjunction with police and other law enforcement agencies

Customs Assistant
West Port, Fredrick, MD 

• Assisted in checking passengers’ luggage for banned items such as guns and drugs
• Classified received goods in terms of tariff coding systems
• Calculated duty and tariff payments owed by customers/passengers
• Handled trained K-9 members so that they can be put to work when required

High School Diploma
Fredrick High School, Fredrick, MD – 2009

– Cargo Inspection
– Suspect Interview and Detention
– K-9 Inspections
– Special Response
– Border Control
– Document Checks
– Reports Management
– Banned Items Prevention
– Witness Handling
– Surveillance Work

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