As cover letters became an integral part of any job application for nursing position, you should send a targeted cover letter with your job application.

The following sample cover letter for operating room staff nurse resume will give you an excellent start in your job application process.

You may tailor this example as per your skills and job requirements.



Operating Room Staff Nurse Cover Letter Sample


Sara Chris
32 6th Street
Norwalk, CT 32621
(000) 989-7652
sara @ email . com

November 8, 2015

Ms. Anna Doe
Hiring Manager
Norwalk Hospital
58 Watson Road
Norwalk, CT 32666


Dear Ms. Doe:

Your recent advertisement for an operating room staff nurse piqued my interest. After reading your job description and requirements about the position, I felt confident that I would be an exceptional addition to your medical team. Utilizing my BS degree in Nursing, 2 years’ experience as a registered nurse and license to practice in the State of New Jersey, I’ll be able provide high quality patient care and contribute to your bottom line.

During my tenure as an operating room staff nurse at St. Louis Hospital, I was responsible for the preoperative care of pediatric and adult surgical patients. Through this experience, I have developed strong skills in delivering compassionate care to patients through the use of the nursing procedure as reflected in standards of clinical practice. In addition, I have a demonstrated ability to assist doctors in simple surgical and endoscopic surgical procedures.

My enclosed resume highlights my nursing expertise and special accomplishments. I would like to discuss your needs and my operating room competencies in an interview. I will contact you next week for follow up. In the interim, I can be reached at (000) 989-7652. Thank you for your time and consideration.



Sara Chris

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