Operating Room Nurse Resume [3 Examples + Job Description]

Updated on: May 31, 2023
OR Registered Nurse

Every job seeker seems to be putting extra effort into building a resume for an operating room nurse since the job market became very aggressive.

To get an interview, you need to ensure that your operating room nurse resume is well chalked out. To do this, the first step would be to find out and ascertain your prospective employer’s needs.

When you write a resume, your main concern should be to impress the hiring manager. And you can only do this if your resume is attractive. You can make your resume compelling by adding information about accomplishments, experience, and skills.

See the following 3 examples to get a better idea.

RN Operating Room Resume Sample 1
Experience: 15+ Years

Natalie Rogers, RN
45 Dysprosium Street
Cambridge, MN 66521
(000) 854-1021
natrog @email .com


Compassionate and helpful Operating Room Registered Nurse with 16-plus-year hands-on experience in providing care to patients before, during, and after surgeries. Proficient in planning patient-based preoperative and postoperative nursing care and educating patients and families. A driven individual who has inherent patience and a positive attitude.

• Patient Education • OR Preparation
• Specimen Handling • Surgery Supplies
• Medication Administration • Scrubbing Assistance
• Patient Preparation • Post-operational Stitching
• Patient Condition Monitoring
• Surgical Equipment Operation


Operating Room Registered Nurse
Surgery Partners, Cambridge, MN
Dec 2016 – Present
• Devise a standard post-operative care plan that reduce time in creating individualized ones especially, owing to the plan’s features that allowed easy change incorporation.
• Implement a comprehensive patient education program resulting in increased awareness of surgical procedures and post-surgery care.
• Coordinate efforts with healthcare team members to create and develop individualized care plans for specific patients undergoing surgery.
• Conduct pre and postoperative education by providing information to patients and families on what to expect.
• Provide emotional support to patients and their families during distressing times.
• Take, monitor, and record patients’ vitals such as temperature, blood pressure, and pulse readings pre and post-surgery.

Operating Room RN
Surgery Partners, Cambridge, MN
May 2007 – Dec 2016
• Successfully resuscitated a patient who went into cardiac arrest during surgery, by performing immediate CPR.
• Introduced specimen handling protocols which reduced chances of the sample being contaminated by 98%.
• Prepared and administered medication orally, subcutaneously, and through IVs.
• Assisted surgeons through the surgical procedure by diagnosing conditions relating to anesthesia and pain.
• Provided assistance to surgeons during the stitching process by providing them with required instruments.
• Maintained patients’ saturation levels and ensure that surgical rooms are made safe.
• Took and recorded patients’ vitals including blood pressure, pulse, and temperature readings.
• Created and maintained updated patient files and ensured that they were kept safe and confidential.
• Devised and implemented individualized care plans according to each patient’s specific condition and disease.
• Administered prescribed medication orally and started IVs for medication to be given intravenously.
• Provided education to patients and families regarding medical procedures and diseases.

Minnesota State Certified Registered Nurse

Cambridge Nursing School, Cambridge, MN – 2000
Bachelor of Science in Nursing

Member: American Society of Registered Nurses

Operating Room Nurse Resume Sample 2
Experienced: 10+ Years

Jessica Nathan
Livingston, NJ 58382
(000) 521-5241


Compassionate, and self-reliant nursing professional with 10+ years’ experience as a surgical nurse. Highly skilled in surgical scrubbing, suction, dressing, stitching, and preparing the operating room before the procedure. Known for implementing the ANA code of ethics. Bilingual: Spanish and English.

• Surgeon Assistance • Patient Assessment
• Tertiary Care • IV/IM Administration
• Suturing • Homeostasis
• ANA Standards • Ambulatory Care
• Patient Positioning • Post Surgical Monitoring
• Instrument Preparation • Wound Care


Operating Room RN
Barnabas Hospital, Livingston, NJ
2017 – Present
• Revised the supplies inventory system on the floor, adding minute details to it which ensured timely provision of supplies, enhancing supply availability by 90%.
• Developed a culturally competent and viable diet plan for a vegetarian patient.
• Scrubbed in a major open-heart surgery preparing the OT appropriately for the emergency.
• Participated in several interdepartmental quality enhancement activities and contributed effectively to implementing advanced auditing techniques.
• Administer individualized and age-specific professional care to assigned patients.
• Perform surgical scrub nurse duties while ensuring patient security through close surveillance.
• Dress and monitor post-surgery wounds and administer prescribed medications.

Certified Nursing Assistant CNA (Surgery)
St. Vincent Health Care, Livingston, NJ
2012 – 2017
• Assisted in the selection and handling of instruments during surgical procedures.
• Responsibly arranged all OT supplies.
• Monitored, recorded, and communicated the patient’s condition before, during, and after the operation.

ABC College, Livingston, NJ

Licensed ARNP, RN New Jersey Department of Health

Entry Level Operating Room Nurse Resume Sample 3
Experience: 2+ Years

Darla Davidson
402 Wilson Farm Road, Greenbrier, AR 45214
(019) 124-4521

To work as an Operating Room Nurse at Arkansas Hospital Association utilizing extensive knowledge and vast experience in surgical procedures to assist the surgeon most efficiently.

• Over 2 years experience as an operating room nurse
• Current licensure as an RN approved by the AR Board of Nurse Examiners
• Proven ability to perform exams and procedures and document intervention in EMR
• Well-versed in preparing and operating necessary equipment and instruments for examinations, treatments, and procedures
• Competent at sterilizing processes and procedures
• Hands-on experience in providing compassionate post-op nursing care

• Formulated and implemented a program that provides individualized nursing care in the peri-operative period
• Conducted workshops for patients on surgical and post-surgical procedures to facilitate education


Operating Room Nurse
ABC Hospital, Greenbrier, AZ
Jan 2021 – May 2023
• Consulted with healthcare teams to assess, plan and formulate patient care plans in pre and post-op
• Conducted pre and post-op educational workshops
• Took and recorded patient vital signs
• Provided basic bedside care
• Prepared and administered medications through IV, orally, and subcutaneously
• Prepared surgery for procedures for managing equipment and instruments
• Assisted surgeons with patient information throughout surgical procedures

Bachelor of Science in Nursing
City Nursing College, Greenbrier, AR
Majors: Surgical Nursing

CPR and First Aid certified

• Excellent grasp of medical terminology
• Exceptional organizational skills
• Strong knowledge of nursing practices and medication administering

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Operating Room Nurse Duties and Responsibilities

Preoperative Duties

  • Assess patients in need of surgery for skin color and body temperature
  • Determine patients’ respiratory status and ensure that any related issues are documented appropriately
  • Review conditions that may affect surgical statuses such as diabetes and hypertension
  • Make note of medication that patients have ingested before a surgical process
  • Verify patients’ names and other credentials and match them with surgical orders
  • Engage in conversation with patients to determine their fears and attempt to put them at ease
  • Answer patients’ questions and ensure that they have been run through the surgical procedure in theory
  • Prepare operating units by ensuring instruments and supplies are clean and available
  • Set up surgical beds and supplies
  • Develop an intra-operative nursing care plan based on preoperative assessments

Intra-operative Duties

  • Confirm that the intra-operative nursing plan is constantly in sync with prior assessments
  • Anticipate the surgeon’s needs for instruments, sponges, and suture tubes and make them available immediately
  • Observe patients during surgical procedures and communicate any critical observations to the surgical team
  • Manage instruments and supplies contaminated during surgery and make sure that they are removed for sanitizing or disposal of
  • Assist in placing patients in positions to assure operative access
  • Adjust operating tables and equipment to meet the needs of the surgical team

Postoperative Duties

  • Assist in closing surgical wounds and applying dressings
  • Ensure that patients are comfortably placed or moved on mobile beds
  • Take postoperative care instructions from the surgical team
  • Physically transport patients to recovery rooms
  • Direct the activities of the cleaning staff by ensuring that all surfaces in the operating room have been cleaned and sterilized effectively
  • Re-sterilize and put away any unused supplies for the purpose of reuse
  • Dispose of soiled linen after each surgical procedure