Operating Room Technician Job Description for Resume

Updated on: August 8, 2021

Position Overview

Without the immense contribution that operating room technicians make, it will be impossible to run a sterile and organized operating room.

They prepare operating tables and trays and ensure that everything is nice and clean within the premises where surgeries take place. This work requires a great deal of detail orientation and meticulousness.

Position Requirements

Operating room technicians are usually certified from an accredited institute, however, some medical and surgical facilities do not require certification and hire uncertified ones.

But if you have a certification, your candidature only becomes stronger so it is recommended to acquire it.

As an OR technician, you will have to be especially organized and be able to follow instructions properly. Since patient education will be part of your work, it is recommended that you know (and follow up on) all that happens within a surgical environment so that you can provide patients with information on what to expect before surgery and in the recovery room.

Job Description for Operating Room Technician Resume

• Comprehend instructions regarding each surgical procedure and prepare operating rooms accordingly

• Set up operating tables by ensuring that they are sanitized properly

• Prepare instruments tray according to the instructions provided for instruments layout

• Check supplies and equipment needed for each surgical procedure prior to the beginning of the process

• Scrub, gown, and glove surgical teams and ensure that they are provided with heads up on patients

• Prepare patients for surgeries by cleaning operating areas and ensuring that they are provided with information on what to expect

• Drape sterile fields and prepare sterile dressings along with cleaning instruments for terminal sterilization

• Pass instruments to surgeons during surgical procedures and ensure that needed equipment is ready to be used

• Plan for and coordinate supplies and equipment for intraoperative use

• Anticipate the needs of the surgeon before and during surgical procedures and ensure that they are met immediately

• Ensure that surgical waste is disposed of in accordance to set waste disposal protocols

• Make sure that infection control procedures are adhered to within the operating room environment

• Assist in delivering patients to recovery rooms and providing recovery room staff with post-operative information regarding each patient