Operating Room Scheduler Cover Letter Sample

Updated May 27, 2017

Cover letters are always read by hiring managers no matter how busy they are. They may opt not to read the resume because it is long and sometimes quite arduous to navigate but they will almost never forego reading a cover letter. This is all the more reason for you to make sure that your cover letter is written perfectly.

An operating room scheduler cover letter is written to complement the accompanying resume. If you write your cover letter with any other intention, it will lose its purpose. The main idea behind writing a cover letter is to communicate how well you know the job, and how positively you will contribute to the organization once you have been hired. Technically, your cover letter should outline how well you know the job by highlighting your skills and qualifications for the work that will be entrusted to you if and when you are hired.

Here is a cover letter sample for you to go through to see how an effective one is written:


Operating Room Scheduler Cover Letter Sample


854 Bobby Dr
New York, NY 12587

May 27, 2017

Mr. Harold Austin
Human Resource Manager
Central Hospital
45 787th Avenue
New York, NY 92012


Dear Mr. Austin:

It was an absolute surprise to find out that Central Hospital is looking for an operating room scheduler, as I had been looking for just such an opportunity at the hospital for some time now. As an individual who has 6 years of experience of working as an operating room scheduler in one of the busiest surgical hospitals in the state, I am sure you can do with my expertise and exposure in this arena.

As an operating room scheduler, my expertise goes way beyond expectations. With demonstrated ability to extract patient demographic data from surgical information sheets, and obtain accurate preliminary operating room scheduling information from both clinical and surgical services, I will not need to go through extensive training once hired at this position. Moreover, I have a foolproof plan to create and implement operating room schedules that does not allow overlapping, and makes allowances for emergency surgeries and procedures.

Excellent comprehension of the use, operation and functions of automated surgical scheduling systems, and medical terminology, along with a great ability to communicate effectively, all make me a great choice to hire as an operating room scheduler at Central Hospital. To further shed light on my suitability to work at this position, I would like to meet with you in person, to arrange which, I will call you after one week.




Siam Greene