New Grad RN Cover Letter Sample

Updated on March 11, 2018


In your cover letter for an entry level/new grad Registered Nurse position, use a simple language and make clear sentences. Don’t try to make a “good impression” by using difficult vocabulary or complex sentence structures.

Consider your nursing student assignments as “real world” experiences because you don’t have many related work experiences to showcase.

You should emphasize on what you have learned in the class and how your nursing education or internship has developed your skills and knowledge.


Sample Cover Letter for New Grad RN Resume



Jonna Doe, R.N.

666 Example Street, San Diego, CA 25514
(009) 877-8999 ● [Email]

March 11, 2018

Dr. John Smith
Senior Administrator
Sharp Memorial Hospital
241 Some Street
San Diego, CA 24877


Dear Dr. Smith:

I am writing to express my keen interest in obtaining the Registered Nurse position at Sharp Memorial Hospital. As a new Graduate RN from Ryerson University with current California RN Licensure and eight months’ externship experience, I feel confident that my talents will be extremely beneficial to your facility.

As noted on the attached resume, I developed excellent skills in patient evaluation through my nursing education and internship. I have a demonstrated ability to provide exceptional patient care that focuses on all facets of a person’s physical, emotional, spiritual, and psychosocial condition. My experience as a student nurse intern has given me the confidence and skills to care for multicultural patients efficiently. As my references attest, I work efficiently without supervision as well as collaboratively with other healthcare professionals.

The qualifications mentioned above coupled with my compassionate nature, physical stamina and patient/family education expertise makes me a perfect candidate for the position of Registered Nurse at Sharp Memorial Hospital.

My application can only tell you a little about my enthusiasm. I would like to meet with you at the time of your convenience to further discuss my background, qualifications, and interests. I will follow-up with you in the week of March 15. In the interim, I can be reached at (009) 877-8999.

Thank you for your time and consideration, and I look forward to hearing from you.



Jonna Doe, R.N.

Attachments: Resume and Recommendation Letter

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