5 New Graduate Registered Nurse Cover Letter Samples

Updated on: September 8, 2020
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A cover letter is the most critical part of a new graduate nurse job application set or portfolio. In your letter, highlight the key points of your resume that will help you to contribute to the prospective organization.

Resumes for the Graduate Nurse position follow a standard format. On the other hand, a cover letter is an opportunity for you to highlight your enthusiasm and relate your interests and skills to the employer’s needs.

In order to write a winning new graduate nurse cover letter, take a look at the following tips and 5+ real examples.

How to Write a Winning Cover Letter for New Graduate RN?

  1. Use a simple language, and make clear sentences. That said, don’t try to make a “good impression” by using difficult vocabulary or complex sentence structures.
  2. Consider your nursing student assignments as “real world” experiences.
  3. Emphasize what you have learned in the classroom and how your nursing education or internship has developed your skills and knowledge.

Sample Cover Letter #1 for New Grad RN Resume

Jonna Doe, R.N.
666 Example Street, San Diego, CA 25514
(000) 877-8999

September 8, 2020

Dr. John Smith
Senior Administrator
Sharp Memorial Hospital
241 Some Street
San Diego, CA 24877

Dear Dr. Smith:

I am writing to express my keen interest in the Registered Nurse position at Sharp Memorial Hospital. As a new Graduate RN from Ryerson University with current California RN Licensure and eight months’ externship experience, I feel confident that my talents will be extremely beneficial to your facility.

As can be seen in the attached resume, I developed excellent skills in patient evaluation through my nursing education and internship. I have a demonstrated ability to provide exceptional patient care that focuses on all facets of a person’s physical, emotional, spiritual, and psychosocial condition.

My experience as a student nurse has given me the confidence and skills to provide excellent healthcare to patients from different backgrounds. As my references attest, I work efficiently without supervision as well as collaboratively with other healthcare professionals.

The qualifications mentioned above, coupled with my compassionate nature, physical stamina, and patient/family education expertise makes me a perfect candidate for the position of Registered Nurse at Sharp Memorial Hospital.

My application can only tell you a little about my enthusiasm. That’s why I would like to meet with you in an interview to further discuss my background, qualifications, and interests. Thank you for your time and consideration, and I look forward to hearing from you soon.


Jonna Doe, R.N.

Attachments: Resume and Recommendation Letter


New Graduate BSN Cover Letter with No Experience (Sample 2)

Helen Maslow
7555 Twinkle Horizon
Pittsburgh, PA 64009
C004) 555-6666
[email protected]

September 8, 2020

Mr. Guilford Derek
HR Manager
NorthWestern Memorial Hospital
87 Rockville Sq
Pittsburgh, PA 64009

Dear Mr. Derek:

I was delighted to learn about your need for a new graduate BSN registered nurse at North Western Memorial Hospital. After graduation in nursing and externship in various healthcare departments, including pediatrics and oncology, I now stand ready to pursue my career at North Western Memorial Hospital.

As can be seen in the attached resume, I am very competent in patients’ progress monitoring and documentation. I offer the following competencies in the capacity of a new graduate RN:

  • Committed to maintaining high standards of bedside patient care and physician assisting.
  • Adept at keeping and maintaining an automated record of patient progress and care delivered.
  • Familiar with the ANA code of ethics and HIPPA nursing guidelines.
  • A compassionate person with a demonstrated ability to educate patients and their families.

Given these points, I feel confident that I will be a key contributor to your facility in the long run. Thank you for your time and consideration, and I look forward to hearing from you soon.


Helen Maslow

Graduate Nurse Cover Letter Sample 3

Alvina Anderson
51 8th Street
Syracuse, NY 65287
(000) 587-1254
[email protected]

September 8, 2020

Ms. Jane Anderson
Senior Manager of Human Resources
St. Joseph’s Hospital
254 South Street
Syracuse, NY 02122

Dear Ms. Anderson:

It is with continued interest and enthusiasm that I respond to your job posting for Graduate Nurse at St. Joseph’s Hospital. With an exceptional educational background, great patient care skills, and hands-on nursing internship experience, I will be able to make a substantial contribution to St. Joseph’s Hospital.

Through my education and internship, I have gained exceptional knowledge and skills in:

  • Performing nursing functions and providing direct and indirect nursing care
  • Coordinating with senior nurses to evaluate patients’ health status and condition
  • Making and documenting diagnostic studies on patients
  • Implementing nursing actions and evaluating patients’ response
  • Formulating the holistic plan of nursing care
  • Organizing services for all healthcare team members

Furthermore, I can provide patients and families with health education, as well as emotional support. My attached resume details my qualifications and nursing skills for your perusal.

As a diligent graduate nurse, I am eager to discuss my talents and learn more about your expectations. I will call you after five days to follow-up and set-up a suitable date and time to arrange an interview.

Thank you for your time and consideration, and I look forward to hearing from you soon.


Alvina Anderson
(000) 201-3621

Attachment. Resume

Entry-Level New Graduate RN Cover Letter Sample 4

Amanda Greene
(000) 085-1235
[email protected]

September 8, 2020

Mr. Matt Gillian
Human Resources Manager
Sava Health Care
654 Yard Road
Eugene, OR 90909

Dear Mr. Gillian:

I am interested in the Registered Nurse position currently available at Sava Health Care. I have recently completed my Bachelor of Science in Nursing, and am now a fully qualified registered nurse. Please go through the enclosed resume for further details on my background as a registered nurse.

During my education and nursing externship, I learned a lot about following set plans of care for individual patients. Owing to a short nursing internship, I am well-versed in administering medication orally and intravenously. Moreover, I am competent in monitoring patients’ conditions in order to ensure their wellbeing and health, and can quickly determine causes of concern. Ensuring that patients obtain the right care, both emotionally and physically is another area that I am qualified in.

Furthermore, I possess an excellent ability to prescribe assistive medical devices and associated treatments. Handling emergency services is also an area that I am competent in, as my main focus is saving lives, and maintaining the quality of life for each patient under my care.

If you are looking for a registered nurse who has an energetic patient care view, I suggest that you go through my candidature at length. I will remain in touch with your office so that an interview date can be arranged. Until then, please feel free to call me at (000) 085-1235 if needed.

Thank you for your consideration of me as a candidate for the Registered Nurse position at Sava Health Care.


Amanda Greene

Entry Level Nursing Cover Letter Example 5

Eva Andrew
27 7th Street
Johnson City, NY 35523
(000) 210-1414

September 8, 2020

Mr. John Doe
Graduate Recruitment Manager
United Health Services
24 North Street
Johnson City, NY 35982

Dear Mr. Doe:

I am writing to submit my application for United Health Services’ graduate nurse position. I am particularly interested in joining United Health Services as I understand from my research that you strongly emphasize on delivering excellent patient care. With professional nursing skills gained through nursing studies and hands-on clinical experiences, I can take care of your patients efficiently and contribute to your bottom-line eventually.

My Bachelor of Nursing degree from the NY Nursing College has given me an exceptional familiarity with key nursing practices, the latest medical technology, and compassionate care values. Through my two clinical placements, I learned a variety of nursing skills on the job and developed the capability to think creatively and gain knowledge while providing exceptional care. I particularly enjoyed my rotation in the emergency ward and aimed to specialize in this area.

Furthermore, I have a demonstrated ability to communicate well with patients and healthcare staff and have superb attention to detail. In addition to my nursing education, my other experiences helped me to build-up several qualities and skills mainly related to patient care and team-work. For instance, my role as a babysitter has developed my ability to caring, and my experience as a grocery clerk has taught me excellent communication and customer service skills.

I have enclosed my resume, along with two recommendation letters and academic transcripts to support my application for the United Health Services Graduate Program. I am eager to discuss my skills and abilities with you in more detail and look forward to hearing from you. I will contact you next week to follow-up on my application. Alternatively, you may reach me at the phone number or email address given above.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Eva Andrew

Enc. Resume, Reference Letters, and Academic Transcripts


A new graduate nurse cover letter can help you get an interview. That is to say, it convinces the employer that you have the right skills, education, and abilities to perform the necessary patient care duties efficiently.

In fact, this document is your chance to persuade the recruiter to read your enclosed resume. Your letter needs to demonstrate your enthusiasm for the nursing job as well as your written communication skills.

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