Midwife Resume Example and Writing Guide

Updated: January 8, 2022

A midwife provides direct clinical services to expected mothers and newly born babies. 

They give physician-supervised physical and emotional care to the mothers throughout the labor, delivery, and postpartum phases. 

Also, they evaluate and manage the labor and delivery process, provide care to the newborns, and help mothers care for themselves and their newborns.

A Midwife Resume is the most critical part of your job search. This document markets you and your credentials to a prospective employer and invite them to learn about your nursing and midwifery skills and qualifications.

Submitting a well-written resume along with an attractive midwife cover letter is the primary step in your midwife job application process.

In order to make your midwife resume useful, you should mention your key experiences and accomplishments in a way that grabs the interest of the hiring manager.

Midwives who best write their past experiences, education, and skills have good chances of further consideration.

Best Sample Resume for Midwife Position

Anna Smith
32 7th Street, Midlothian, VA 65812
(000) 210-9653
anna.smith @email .com

Virginia State Certified Nurse Midwife

Driven RN with over 9+ years of experience in providing comfort, support, and medical-midwifery care. Able to converse efficiently with patients, families, visitors, healthcare team, physicians, and management. Comprehensive knowledge of professional nursing theory, clinical practice standards, normal fetal growth, and progress. Demonstrated ability to record assessments and interventions. Able to prepare reports and presentations. Virginia State Certified Nurse Midwife.

• Taking History
• Physical Exams
• Interconceptual Care
• Mother Education
• Records Maintenance
• Gynecological Care
• Venipuncture
• Compassion
• Critical Thinking

[List your career accomplishments here]


Bon Secours Health System – Midlothian, VA 
May 2018 – Present
• Manage the care of normal antepartum cases including teaching, counseling, and support
• Perform pelvic examinations
• Manage labor, including teaching and support
• Take health history
• Perform and record the obstetrical physical assessment
• Perform local anesthesia

Nurse Midwife
City Healthcare – Midlothian, VA 
Sep 2012 – May 2018
• Cared for the normal newborns
• Recorded the labor and delivery process and time
• Assessed and reviewed findings with the physicians and mothers
• Administered analgesia in keeping with standing orders
• Performed, recorded, and physically assessed newborns

BS Degree in Nursing 
Department of Nursing 
The University of Virginia,  Midlothian, VA

Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)
Neonatal Resuscitation (NRP) with intubation
Obstetrical Emergency Skills (ALSO)

• Highly skilled in using computers and ability to learn new software programs.
• Able to remain focused and organized during hectic situations.
• Profound ability to provide leadership in the clinical area of knowledge and in meeting organizational goals.
• Demonstrated ability to withstand prolonged standing and walking.


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