Entry Level Midwife Resume with No Experience

Updated on: February 24, 2023

When you are just entering the workforce as a midwife, you should concentrate on your resume content.

It is important to make it a solid read by highlighting your skills, qualifications, and training as a midwife.

Tailor your resume to the needs of the hiring manager.

Here is a sample for you to get ideas from.

Sample Resume for Entry-Level New Midwife with No Experience

Daisy Pills
47 Athena Street, Concord, NH65245
(000) 784-9700

Dedicated Midwife, possessing in-depth knowledge of working with women, families, and health professionals to provide assistance with pregnancy, labor, and post-birth care. Dependable individual, boasting excellence in academic and post-academic environments. Conscientious and organized, with an empathetic nature, and a desire to ensure patients’ well-being and health. BCLS Certified.

Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing
New Hampshire State University, Concord, NH – 2022
• Critical Care
• Pregnancy and Birth
• Post-natal Care
• Medicines Management
• Birth as a Physiological Process
• Women’s Health
• Public Health and Childbearing
• Dimensions of Health
Academic Achievements
• Received Best Student of the Year for 2 years in a row, due to excellent academic record
• Made it to the Honor Roll, owing to exceptional academic and co-curricular excellence

• Examination and Monitoring
• Care Plan Development
• Screening Tests
• Support Provision
• Fetus Monitoring
• Records Management
• Neonatal Care
• High-risk Pregnancy Identification
• Emotional Care
• Newborn Health and Wellbeing


Nursing Intern
Women’s Care USA, Concord, NH
May 2022 – Feb 2023
• Conferred with clients to determine their specific conditions
• Assisted in performing gynecological exams
• Took and recorded patients’ vital signs, such as blood pressure, pulse, and temperature
• Assisted in arranging prenatal planning and care for mothers
• Provided emotional care to patients during labor and birth
• Prepared for birthing by following set health and safety rules
• Tended to the health and well-being of mother and child after birth
• Monitored patients postpartum, and responded to questions and concerns
• Provided support and advice to patients
• Monitored patients’ conditions during labor, and alerted doctors of any issues
• Prepared patients for childbirth in order to help them understand what to expect
• Created and maintained records of all births, and post-birth care as instructed

• Electronic Medical Record (EMR) System
• Personal Digital Assistants
• Electronic Prescriptions, e-Prescribing
• Voice recognition technology

• Volunteered nursing services at George Washington Medical Facility for 2 summers
• Spearheaded a team of volunteers to assist with Little Leaguers’ Baseball Club

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