Entry Level Midwife Resume CV with No Experience

January 13, 2020

When you are just entering the workforce as a midwife, you should concentrate on your resume content. Making it a solid read through the provision of skills, qualifications, and training as a midwife is important.

Tailoring your midwife’s resume to the needs of the hiring manager is most important. Mention relevant academic achievements and coursework as well, as it will help the hiring manager decide in your favor.


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Entry Level Midwife Resume CV with No Experience



Daisy Pills
47 Athena Street, Concord, NH65245
(000) 784-9700

Dedicated Midwife, possessing in-depth knowledge of working with women, families, and health professionals to provide assistance with pregnancy, labor, and post-birth care. Dependable individual, boasting excellence in academic and post-academic environments. Conscientious and organized, with an empathetic nature, and a desire to ensure patients’ wellbeing and health. BCLS Certified.

Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing
New Hampshire State University, Concord, NH – 2019

• Critical Care • Pregnancy and Birth
• Post-natal Care • Medicines Management
• Birth as a Physiological Process • Women’s Health
• Public Health and Childbearing • Dimensions of Health

Academic Achievements
• Received Best Student of the Year for 2 years in a row, due to excellent academic record
• Made it to the Honor Roll, owing to exceptional academic and co-curricular excellence

• Examination and Monitoring • Care Plan Development
• Screening Tests • Support Provision
• Fetus Monitoring • Records Management
• Neonatal Care • High-risk Pregnancy Identification
• Emotional Care • Newborn Health and Wellbeing


Nursing Intern
Women’s Care USA, Concord, NH
May 2019 – Dec 2019
• Conferred with clients to determine their specific conditions
• Assisted in performing gynecological exams
• Took and recorded patients’ vital signs, such as blood pressure, pulse, and temperature
• Assisted in arranging prenatal planning and care for mothers
• Provided emotional care to patients during labor and birth
• Prepared for birthing by following set health and safety rules
• Tended to the health and wellbeing of mother and child after birth
• Monitored patients postpartum, and responded to questions and concerns
• Provided support and advice to patients
• Monitored patients’ conditions during labor, and alerted doctors of any issues
• Prepared patients for childbirth in order to help them understand what to expect
• Created and maintained records of all births, and post-birth care as instructed

• Electronic Medical Record (EMR) System
• Personal Digital Assistants
• Electronic Prescriptions, e-Prescribing
• Voice recognition technology

• Volunteered nursing services at George Washington Medical Facility for 2 summers
• Spearheaded a team of volunteers to assist with Little Leaguers’ Baseball Club




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