Certified Nurse Midwife Resume Sample

Updated on: November 29, 2020

A resume for a nurse-midwife position is a comprehensive document that can decide your career future. Making sure that it is developed properly is important.

Since the resume is something that a hiring manager will read in detail, you need to make the details within it worth his or her while. Here is how you can do this:

Certified Nurse Midwife Resume Sample

Diane Blaire
488 Country Club Lane | Scotch Plains, NJ 23654
(000) 548-5214 | d_blaire @ email . com


Reliable and team-oriented Nurse Midwife with 14+ years’ progressive experience in handling gynecological, antepartum, intrapartum, and postpartum patients. Proven ability to observe signs of general and obstetrical health, and provide required interventions.

Effectively performs complete physical examinations, including carrying out pap smears and clinical pelvimetry, and obtains accurate medical, obstetrical, gynecological, and psycho-social history of present pregnancies.

Compassionate healthcare professional with a strength of recording all findings of examinations, histories, and significant observations in patients’ charts. Highly talented with a passion for instituting preventative measures and detect abnormal conditions, and effectively reporting them to presiding doctors.


Novant Health, Scotch Plains, NJ 
2007 – Present
Certified Nurse Midwife

• Perform initial physical examinations on patients to determine the status of pregnancies
• Assess care requirements based on individualized needs and arrange for it to be made available
• Carry out screening tests for both the patient and the fetus to determine preexisting conditions or diseases
• Assist and care for patients during labor, by reassuring them and ensuring that they are kept comfortable and safe at all times
• Obtain and record accurate medical, obstetrical, and gynecological history of the patient
• Observe signs of both physical and mental health of the patient during care processes
• Order tests and screenings and ensure that results and findings are expedited
• Detect abnormal conditions in patients and their unborn babies, and provide insight of the same to presiding doctors
• Educate patients and their families about pre and postnatal care, and assist them in understanding the challenges associated with a newborn and prematurely born babies

Selected Accomplishments & Results
✓ Saved the lives of 12 patients showing initial signs of eclampsia, by determining the problem before it resulted in organ shutdown
✓ Successfully delivered a baby who had little chances of survival due to a preexisting condition

Southcentral Foundation, Scotch Plains, NJ 
2002 – 2007

• Provided insight to patients regarding pregnancy care, pre and postnatal care, and newborn handling
• Assisted during labor by providing instructions to patients, aiming to expedite the birthing process
• Educated patients and their families about the care required during and after pregnancies
• Monitored and administered medication, injections, and intravenous infusions during the course of the labor
• Assisted patients in coping with serious situations such as miscarriages, stillbirths, and neonatal deaths

Selected Accomplishments & Results
✓ Implemented a non-invasive fetal status evaluation system, which became popular because of the manner in which it was carried out
✓ Proved to be invaluable in bringing down teenage pregnancies in the area, by advocating the use of contraceptives, both within the facility and through special media talks

Certified Nurse Midwife
St. Paul’s Nursing School, Scotch Plains, NJ – 2000

Bachelors of Science in Nursing
Scotch Plains Nursing School, Scotch Plains, NJ – 1998

Professional Nursing & Midwifery Skills
✓ Patient Evaluation
✓ Health Supervision
✓ Labor Assistance
✓ Laboratory Examinations
✓ Preventative Measures
✓ Abnormality Gauging
✓ Contraceptive Counseling
✓ Patient Education
✓ Fetal Status Evaluation
✓ Prenatal / Postnatal Care
✓ Diagnostic Procedures
✓ High-Risk Pregnancy Management