Best ER Nurse Resume Sample & Writing Guide

Updated on: November 4, 2020
How to Write a Perfect Resume for ER Nurse Position?

An effective resume is not something anyone can create effortlessly. It requires good detail to attention, know-how about modern resume writing trends, and ample knowledge of the healthcare industry.

It is crucial to address your employer’s specific needs in your resume. That is because recruiters like to know the relevant skills candidates have to offer.

Use tables and bullet points to highlight your skillset.

Below is an ER nurse resume sample for further guidance.

Sample Resume for ER Nurse Position

Cynthia Carlson, RN
673 Green Estate, Seattle, WA 54332
(000) 457-9565
edison . carlson @ email . com


Compassionate, friendly, and vigilant ER Nurse with substantial experience in emergency response. Proven team player with strong organization, problem-solving, and decision-making skills. Apt at proactively catering to patient’s needs and guiding them about various medical procedures. Demonstrated ability to utilize effective communication skills in patient, staff, and interdisciplinary relationships.

– Wound Dressing
– Burn Care
– Plan Implementation
– Cannula Passing
– Record Keeping
– Medicine Administration
– Ventilator Care
– Basic Life Support
– Physician Consultation
– Code Call Response
– Medical Evaluation
– Vital Signs Monitoring


  • Reduced ER initial diagnosis and evaluation time by 3 minutes on the average per patient through execution of team-based initial evaluation protocol.
  • Ensured 24 hours availability of all medical supplies in the ER department by the implementation of a comprehensive stock inventory.
  • Earned the best ER Nurse Award thrice in a row.


ER Registered Nurse
NORTHWEST HOSPITAL, Seattle, WA | 2014 – Present

  • Managed the emergency room of 300+ beds hospital
  • Deal with 50+ patients per day
  • Identify and implement a suitable intervention to attain maximum results
  • Monitor and record the patient’s response to the medical plan and evaluate the same periodically
  • Administer oral and IV medications on time as per the treatment plan
  • Operate lab equipment as and when needed while maintaining point of care and ER response protocols
  • Formulate plans of care based on physician remarks, assessment, and diagnosis data obtained
  • Prepare discharge files and explain post-discharge care plan to patients

ER Ward Attendant
ST. PAUL’S HOSPITAL, Seattle, WA | 2012 – 2014

  • Obtained patient’s medical and family history upon admission
  • Assisted in stabilizing the patient and provided basic life support
  • Dressed the open wounds and attended first and second-degree burn wounds as required
  • Facilitated initial assessment, evaluation, and diagnosis of the patients
  • Collected samples for recommended and applicable lab tests
  • Ensured availability of medical supplies on the ER floor and maintained relevant inventory

Bachelor of Science in Nursing

American Nurse Association, ANA
International Society of Nursing, ISN

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