Real Estate Paralegal Cover Letter Sample & Writing Tips

Updated on: September 15, 2020
How to Write a Good Cover Letter for a real estate paralegal position?

Where cover letter writing is concerned, it is important to write about your capabilities relating to the job description provided by the employer.

Writing a Real Estate Paralegal cover letter can be easy if you have all the information with you. But first things first. Start collecting information that will make you the best person to hire. Think about your skills. Once you have all the information sorted out, you can easily place it in a cover letter, in a manner that the hiring manager wants to see it.

Here is a sample to help you out:

Real Estate Paralegal Cover Letter Example

Sandra Cohen
(000) 222-2222

September 15, 2020

Mr. Blake Simpson
Human Resource Manager
Advocates Inc.
647 Giga Road
Virginia Beach, VA37940

Dear Mr. Simpson:

Your job advertisement for a real estate paralegal motivated me to compare my professional profile with your job description. And the match was just perfect! In view of this, I would appreciate it if you would go through the enclosed resume for details on my experience in this regard.

I have worked as a real estate paralegal for 3+ years now, and have been proactively providing attorneys with support in various tasks on a daily basis. Performing detailed legal research and analysis (as it pertains to property matters), collecting data, documenting findings, and authoring comprehensive reports is all in a day’s work for me.

Over the time that I have worked in this capacity, I have been ensuring proper management and governance of corporate entities, and have served as the point of contact for outside counsel as well. Furthermore, I am skilled in preparing, reviewing, and analyzing documents for real estate transactions, and can efficiently conduct title proceedings and closings as well.

Positive that a meeting between us will shed further light on why I am such a great candidate to be hired as a real estate paralegal, I will contact you to arrange an interview. If you need to reach me, please call or text me.

Thank you for your time and consideration, and I look forward to hearing from you soon.


Sandra Cohen
(000) 222-2222

Additional Guidelines

It must be remembered that the real estate paralegal cover letter is not a rehash of your resume. While the real estate paralegal resume talks about everything that you have done in past, the cover letter simply tells a hiring manager what can you do in the future.