Clinical Nurse Resume Example

Updated on: November 1, 2015


Spin-off resumes are alright but only if the core resume is your own. If you pick up a random resume – someone else’s – and try to spin it off to use as your own, you are asking for trouble. But it is actually recommended to create a core resume and spin off versions of it to apply to different companies. This way, you will have something solid to work on – a resume that is your own and you can tweak it whichever way you want to.

The following resume example of a clinical nurse will help you decide on the format:


Clinical Nurse Resume Example


Ruth Graham

183 Idlewood Drive ● Mentor ● OH 35463 ● (999) 999-9999 ● ruthgraham @ email . com


SUMMARY: Dedicated and strong-willed nursing professional offering 5+ years’ progressive experience in developing, implementing, evaluating care plans, with special focus on patient wellbeing. Focused on delivery of core patient education to ensure that the disease is understood properly. Hands-on experience in taking patient histories and physical examinations to determine cause of disease or discomfort. Competent at evaluating results and monitoring treatment plans.


• Care Optimization • Treatment Plan Development • Patient Education
• Data Analysis • Home Health Service • Scheduling
• Behavior Management • Customized Care Plans • Patient Hygiene and Safety
• Research • Critical Care • Pain Management

HOLY CROSS HEALTH, Mentor, OH (6/2012 to Present)
Clinical Nurse
• Assist in creating and implementing core patient care programs according to each patient’s individual medical needs
• Interview patients and their families to determine disease and discomfort
• Observe and record patients’ behavior to establish degree / level of pain
• Coordinate efforts with physicians and other healthcare professionals to evaluate healthcare plans
• Provide emotional and physical support to patients and assist in creating a harmonious environment
• Maintain reports of patients’ medical histories and monitor changes in their conditions
• Ascertain that physicians are made aware of changing patient conditions and intervene during emergency situations
• Direct and supervise the work of licensed practical nurses and certified nursing assistants
• Ascertain appropriate level of sanitization within a clinical setting
• Conduct research to ensure that nursing practices are constantly updated
• Provide instant medical care in instances such as accidents, strokes and heart attacks

Key Achievements:
• Created a core patient care plan which is now being used to spin off dedicated care plans
• Reduced patient data analysis time by 50% by employing an interview approach to data collection methods
• Introduced home health service provision modules for patients requiring home care
• Implemented an alternative pain management module which assisted patients with chronic pain and reduced hospital admissions by 33%

LAHEY CLINIC, Mentor, OH (1/2010 to 5/2012)
Certified Nursing Assistant
• Assisted patients in handling their daily needs such as toileting, bathing and grooming
• Administered medication as per patient charts and checked vitals such as blood pressure, pulse and temperature
• Observed patients on a regular basis and ensured that they are kept constantly comfortable
• Monitored and recorded instances of distress and ensured that physicians are kept aware of these changes / deteriorations
• Provided emergency services to accident victims or patients suffering from strokes or heart attacks

Bachelor of Science in Nursing