2 Clinical Research Nurse Resume Samples

Updated January 29, 2022
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A clinical research nurse’s primary responsibility is to ensure that a patient who is participating in clinical studies is protected appropriately.

They work directly with research doctors and patients in order to minimize health risks.

If you are thinking of applying for a position in this regard, you will need to ensure that your resume holds all the information that is necessary to qualify for it.

The following resume samples are good to use when making your own resume.

Clinical Research Nurse Resume Sample 1

Gayle Lord
488 Shipely Street
Seaford, DE 19958
(000) 452-7454
gaylelord @ email . com


Analytic minded and competent clinical research nurse with extensive experience in designing and implementing clinical research trials. Proficient in coordinating research related activities, educating patients, providing direct patient care and collecting and analyzing patient data and reporting findings according to established protocols. Easy to get along with in addition to possessing a positive outlook to bleak situations.


Clinical Research Nurse
Saint Luke’s Health System, Seaford, DE
6/2016 – Present
• Identify potential clinical study subjects by reviewing existing health information based on inclusion criteria
• Interview potential subjects to determine their suitability for study trials
• Carry out informed consent processes by assisting with registration information and records management
• Ascertain that established clinical study protocols are implemented and maintain protocol integrity
• Monitor participants’ status by ensuring their safety and educate clinical staff on outcomes and expectations
Key Achievements
• Awarded for participation in a clinical trial that led to a cure for chronic illnesses
• Singlehandedly created a list of 20 unlicensed drugs being tested in the country as part of a large research project
• Introduced PIS (patient information sheet) as part of the protocol system, which greatly streamlined patient registration procedures
• Successfully obtained 12 approvals for a clinical study trial, that were in limbo for 2 years

Clinical Research Nurse
City Healthcare, Seaford, DE
11/2005 – 6/2016
• Performed initial assessments and intake by obtaining social, medical, mental health and substance abuse history
• Educated patients regarding protocol participation
• Provided additional information to ensure participants’ adherence to the program
• Acted as a liaison between primary care and specialty physicians and other clinical provides to refer patients for additional care
• Provided patients with direct care by taking and recording their vitals such as blood pressure, pulse and temperature

Registered Nurse
Mercy Hospital, Seaford, DE
2/2002 – 11/2005
• Administered medication according to patients’ specific care plans and handled IVs as required
• Educated patients and families regarding their conditions and provided emotional support during distressing times
• Created and maintained patients’ records and charts in a confidential manner
• Obtained blood samples, sent them for testing and followed up on results

Bachelor of Science in Nursing
Seaford Nursing School, Seaford, DE

• Direct Patient Care
• Patient Education
• Clinical Data Compilation
• Data Assessment
• Subject Screening
• Procedural Assistance
• Research Processes
• Patient Advocacy
• Novel Treatment Support
• Charts Management
• Review Board Management
• Protocol Development

Clinical Research Nurse Resume Sample 2

Emily Cable

883 Hunt Road, Cincinnati, OH 73611, (159) 000-1424, Email



6+ years of experience as a clinical research nurse. Proven ability to evaluate and assess subjects’ suitability for inclusion in research studies. Well versed in developing and implementing procedures and data quality assurance standards for monitoring components of studies, designing activities and policies and procedures to approve day to day efficiency of recruitment and assessment, and developing study subject referral sources.


• Highly effective communication skills
• Excellent time management skills
• Knowledge of medical terminology
• Demonstrated ability to use EPIC and ENCORE
• Able to work in a high-stress environment


• Formulated and implemented a system to check potential study participants’ eligibility
• Managed to convert paperwork regarding patients’ records into electronic form in record time


Clinical Research Nurse
Core Research Techs – Cincinnati, OH | 2015-2018
• Coordinated complex research projects as necessary
• Implemented research protocols including screening and enrollment
• Administered medication when necessary
• Maintained patient records
• Validated data to achieve goals of research projects
• Liaised between physicians, staff, patients and external agencies

Clinical Research Nurse
Columbia University, New York, NY | 2012-2015
• Organize all clinical aspects of multiple clinical research studies and clinical trials
• Coordinated diagnostic procedures as per study protocols
• Performed pulmonary function tests and allergy skin testing


Bachelor of Science in Nursing
Ohio State University, Cincinnati, OH – 2014