Clinical Nurse Educator Resume Sample

Updated on: December 10, 2015

Overview and Guidelines

Identifying your employment skills is perhaps the first step in writing a clinical nurse educator resume that will sell you as a candidate. While this has been said a million times before, we would like to reiterate the importance of researching once again. As soon as you finish reading an advertisement for a position that you would like to apply for, you need to begin researching for the type of responsibilities that will be particular to the job.

Using professional language in your resume gives it a good look, so instead of saying “worked out”, write “negotiated”. Verbs or action points can help in highlighting your skills. Make good use of them.


Clinical Nurse Educator Resume Sample


Sarah Kennedy

2321 Massey Street ● Morrilton, AR 12542 ● (000) 010-7474 ● sarah.kennedy @ email . com


• 9+ years’ hands-on experience in providing nursing services and education within clinical environments. Used to adapting to high pressure while remaining professional.
• Competent at developing and implementing education plans for students nurses.
• Documented success in providing educational leadership to patients and care providers in a bid to enhance specialized patient care.
• Hands-on experience in collaborating with medical providers and patient care staff to plan, implement and deliver educational curricula.
• Proven record of providing direct specialized nursing care to assigned patients to ensure their physical and mental wellbeing.


• Educational Leadership • Nursing Curriculum Development
• Clinical Support • Clinical Research
• Learning Plans Support • Clinical Assessments
• Critical Incident Debriefing • Health Professionals Advocacy
• Clinical and Preceptorship Models • Extended Skills Programs
• Educational Resources Development • Retrieval Nursing Practices

• Introduced nursing clinical assessments which provided high accuracy when determining nursing student eligibility for set educational programs
• Implemented an extended skills programs for registered nurses striving to specialize in particular fields
• Developed and implemented a series of educational resources, based on which an entire course book was published
• Chosen from a group of 52 clinical nurse educators in the state to lead Nurse’s Guild, an annual nursing practices course developed by the government


PROVIDENCE HEALTH AND SERVICES, Morrilton, AR | May 2011 – Present
Clinical Nurse Educator

• Assess nurse students to determine their eligibility for clinical nursing programs
• Devise nursing curriculums to meet the varying needs of student nurses
• Create and implement lesson plans according to each student nurse’s individual abilities
• Provide students with information on different clinical nursing concepts and their implementation in hospital and clinical settings
• Use assessment and evaluation strategies to determine student nurses’ progress
• Function as a source of information for healthcare professionals with the view to implement methods for improving patient care
• Provide direct patient care to designated unit of patients with serious or morbid conditions

GREENVILLE HEALTH SYSTEM, Morrilton, AR | Apr 2006 – May 2011
Registered Nurse

• Assessed patients healthcare needs by examining and interviewing them and their families
• Created and implemented correlating plans of care to meet patients’ healthcare needs
• Administered medication orally and through IVs and ensured that patients are kept constantly comfortable
• Observed patients to determine deterioration or improvement and provide feedback to presiding doctors
• Took and recorded patients’ vitals such as blood pressure, temperature and pulse
• Provided training to student nurses by ensuring that they follow nursing protocols in compliance with the hospital’s policies


Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing

Current Arkansas RN License