Paramedic Resume Sample

Updated on: September 29, 2018

Position Overview

Paramedics provide emergency health care services to accident victims or critically ill patients.

In the event of an adverse situation, a paramedic is the first person in an emergency or accident scene. He or she offers emergency medical care which may include first aid and CPR.

They are dispatched by emergency services to take control of a situation of emergency by performing life-saving services and pre-hospital medical services.

People applying for a paramedic position need to ensure that their resumes provide prospective employers with information on their medical training and any certifications that they have acquired.

Take a look at the following resume sample for this position.


Paramedic Resume Sample



Jonathan Cale

356 Xerxes Avenue | Minneapolis, MN 73902 | (999) 999-9999 | Email

Committed to providing quick & perfect emergency services.

Self-reliant and energetic paramedic with 8+ years’ experience alleviating the suffering of individuals facing emergency situations. Well versed in promptly addressing pre-hospital needs using a calm demeanor. Solid history of providing advanced care aimed to promote wellbeing. Expert in using and maintaining rescue and medical equipment, placing peripheral and central lines, managing defibrillations and intubations, and monitoring cardiac conditions and echo readings.


• Medical services administration • Supportive environment creation
• Assessing and triaging • Medications administration
• Practitioner assistance • Specimen collection and preparation
• Documentation and paperwork • Patient needs assessment
• Positive work ethics • CPR Certified

• Reduced morbidity in accident victims by providing supportive and passionate care.
• Saved 4 severe accident victims in a particularly sensitive physical state by virtue of excelled personal care.
• Trained and led a team of three exceptionally high-performing paramedics.
• Wrote a manual on responding to emergency calls and providing an immediate course of treatment to victims and patients.


ENVISION HEALTHCARE, Minneapolis, MN | 2012 – Present
• Respond to emergency calls from dispatch services
• Ensure reaching the place of accident or emergency promptly
• Assess patients and victims of injuries and trauma
• Promptly chart out possible plans to meet their medical needs
• Monitor and administer medication and IVs
• Dress wounds by ensuring that all infection control procedures are taken into account
• Arrange for prompt transportation of victims to the nearest hospital
• Confer with other emergency services such as police and fire brigade
• Complete necessary documentation to be dispatched to the hospital

CITY CENTER, Minneapolis, MN | 2010 – 2012
• Assisted paramedics in the event of an emergency by helping in putting together emergency kits
• Ensured that emergency vehicle was ready for dispatch
• Accompanied paramedics to accident and emergency scenes
• Assisted in performing triage to determine care priorities
• Assured that paramedics are provided with supplies and equipment in a prompt manner
• Assisted in administering drips and applying splints
• Accompanied patients to hospitals


State of Minneapolis Paramedic Certification

National Registry Paramedic Certification

EMT-P Licensed to practice in the state of Minneapolis

High School Diploma
SOME SCHOOL, Minneapolis, MN – 2008