EMT (Emergency Medical Technician) Resume Sample

Updated: August 2, 2021

EMTs or emergency medical technicians are medical personnel who work per instructions as given by 911 dispatchers as soon as an accident occurs.

They are the first people to arrive at the scene of a crime or accident and provide the first line of medical care to the victims.

They provide emergency services as soon as possible and shift the patient to a care facility like a hospital or critical care unit.

Emergency Medical Technicians are provided rigorous medical training as they are required to provide patients with basic life support in an emergency.

The following is a sample resume for candidates who are applying for the Emergency Medical Technician position.

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Sample Resume for EMT Position

Coy Dante
4001 12th Avenue, Huntington, WV 78199
(000) 659-9991

Emergency Medical Technician

Extremely motivated and energetic EMT with a sound background in quickly responding to emergency calls. Proven ability to assess victim’s condition and determine a course of treatment instantly. Uses medical transport procedures and equipment efficiently to keep patients safe during transportation.

Compassionate and driven; follows prescribed protocols to perform advanced emergency care. Working knowledge of advanced medical procedures and on-site emergency protocols.

• Current EMT licensure in the state of West Virginia
• Current CPR and BLS

• Trauma and environmental emergencies
• Suctioning, vitals, trach replacement
• EKGs, external defibrillators, and bag-valve-mask resuscitators
• Meal preparation and feeding
• Examination and screening
• OSHA, hazard communications, and safety training methods
• Microsoft Office Products

• Accomplished success in assisting an accident victim in critical condition by providing quality and timely first aid and saving her life.
• Promoted from a desk job in the facility to an EMT position within six months of working at the position following excellence in assisting paramedics in emergencies.


Envision Healthcare, Huntington, WV | March 2012 – Present
Emergency Medical Technician
• Administer first aid treatment to accident victims
• Provide life support care to heart attack patients
• Assess the nature of the illness and devise a plan of care on an immediate basis
• Coordinate activities with other paramedics
• Prepare patients for transport and manage transportation in a safe manner
• Train new hires in managing emergency procedures effectively
• Drive emergency vehicles as and when required

Envision Healthcare, Huntington, WV | Dec 2010 – Mar 2012
Emergency Dispatcher
• Took emergency telephone calls
• Dispatched emergency personnel as and when needed
• Assessed the nature of the call to determine the type of emergency
• Provide emotional support to callers to solicit location information from them

Diploma: CITY SCHOOL, Huntington, WV – 2005

• Demonstrated ability to react calmly in stressful situations
• Thorough understanding of infection control procedures
• Exceptional communication and soliciting skills