Deputy Sheriff Job Description for Resume

Updated on: June 23, 2021

Position Overview

The United States is known as a “land of opportunities”. But this would not have been possible if there wasn’t an organized sheriff’s office, making sure that everything was nice and safe for the people of the country. And let’s not forget deputy sheriffs that assist the sheriff to make sure that no harm comes to community members.

Deputy sheriffs are trained individuals who have exceptional law enforcement knowledge and know-how to handle adversities. They are hired after much training and are required to ensure the safety and wellbeing of the people in their designated areas. They assist sheriffs in conducting investigations and apprehending criminals.

They also serve warrants and subpoenas and take field command in emergency situations. Some deputy sheriffs may also be required to conduct public information sessions on law enforcement matters.

Depending on which state you are working for, you might be required to possess a degree in law enforcement or a high school diploma, with additional law enforcement training. You will need to be physically agile and possess the ability to remain calm during distressing situations. During emergencies, you may be responsible for providing CPR and First Aid until the paramedics arrive.

Other duties that you will be performing in a deputy sheriff role include:

Sample Job Description for Deputy Sheriff Resume

• Assist sheriff in performing patrolling duties to ensure community safety.
• Investigate criminal activities such as robberies, burglaries, domestic violence, kidnappings, and assaults.
• Examine venues of accidents and assaults and gather and preserve evidence to be presented in court.
• Assist in identifying possible suspects and provide support in locating and arresting them.
• Interview complainants, victims, and witnesses to acquire information regarding incidents.
• Provide emergency first aid until the paramedics arrive.
• Serve as a courthouse security officer and give evidence when asked to.
• Apprehend and detain criminal suspects and law violators and serve warrants, subpoenas, and summonses.
• Check both residential and commercial properties in assigned areas to ensure that proper security protocols are being followed.
• Maintain weapons and equipment inventory and ensure that they are kept in functional and presentable condition.
• Transport patients with mental issues to prescribed locations by ensuring their security and that of the community in general.
• Ensure that any evidence coming into custody is properly preserved.
• Investigate suspicious activities such as drug use and ensure that a stop is put to it and apprehend people indulging in these activities.
• Take control of accidents to make sure that traffic is properly diverted and accident victims are transported to the hospital immediately.