Hairdresser Cover Letter Sample and Writing Guide

Updated on: July 7, 2020

Working primarily in salons and spas, hairdressers provide hair cutting and styling services to diverse clients.

They talk to them to understand their styling needs and provide suggestions to meet those needs.

Technically, hairdressers are expected to provide more than just hairstyling services; since they are registered cosmetologists, they are also expected to offer skin treatments such as facials and manicures.

Hairdressers need to hold a cosmetology license before they can work at this position.

Since this licensure is extremely important, most employers will call you for an immediate interview if you mention it in the cover letter.

Sample Cover Letter for Hairdresser

Sasha Cohen
30 Eastmoor Drive, Marion, KS 63790
(222) 000-1111 | [Email]

July 7, 2020

Mrs. Arianne Ryan
Tangerine Salons
56 Coletta Street
Marion, KS 73790

Dear Mrs. Ryan:

I am very interested in obtaining the Hairdresser position currently available at Tangerine Salons. I am not only an advocate of beauty and style but also have an excellent track record spanning over eight years. My experience speaks for itself in the form of my work, and it is this enthusiasm that I wish to bring to Tangerine Salons.

I strive hard to provide clients with the best hairdressing solutions so that they are satisfied with the end-product. By virtue of my communication skills, I endeavor to determine each client’s beauty goals and suggest styling procedures accordingly.

My skills are not limited to hair styling and cutting as I have a profound knowledge of skincare regimens with a particular focus on rejuvenation and therapeutic procedures. I am also well-versed in mixing, storing, and handling potentially hazardous chemicals such as perm lotions, ammonia, and hair dyes in a safe manner.

With great insight into client needs assessment and meeting quality standards, I am confident that I have much potential to contribute to your salon. I would like to meet with you at your earliest to discuss my ability to make a meaningful contribution to your goals.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Sasha Cohen