Paramedics are the first people to reach the scene of an emergency or accident. They provide victims and patients with pre-hospital emergency care with the aim to save life of victims. This may include providing life-support and ambulatory care by using many techniques and equipment. They are trained extensively in handling acute emergency services in a prompt manner which is why they need to be alert at all times.

When you write a cover letter for a paramedic resume, you must mention your relevant qualifications that will help you work well in emergency services.


Paramedic Cover Letter Sample


Sasha Cohen

3568 N Cedar Lake Road, Minneapolis, MN 37621
(121) 000-9999, sasha @ email . com

February 27, 2016

Mr. Thomas Cooper
Manager Human Resources
Mercy Health System
5 N Irving Avenue
Minneapolis, MN 88899


Dear Mr. Cooper:

If you take a look at the enclosed reference letters, you will come across phrases such as “emergency preparedness”, “not easily panicked” and “excellent emergency response time” that have been used to describe my skills in previous jobs as a paramedic. I would like to bring these attributes along with hands-on experience in providing emergency services in order to contribute significantly to the team of Mercy Health System.

My qualifications include:

• Over 9 years’ paramedic experience aimed at conserving life and alleviating suffering
• Superior decision-making skills in intense and emotional emergency conditions
• Proactive individual who has deep understanding of using advanced life-saving equipment
• Physically agile and able to handle equipment and patient lifting tasks
• Inherently compassionate with the aim of alleviating morbidity in patients

I have a verifiable track record of carrying out prompt emergency services while keeping in mind both professionalism and compassion and with reference to the code of conducts of the Paramedic Training Manual. In addition, I am adept at completing patient report forms and incident reports along with performing triage at emergency scenes to determine priorities.

I would welcome a chance to meet with you to further discuss my talents. My resume is attached for your review. Thank you for your consideration.



Sasha Cohen

Attachment: Resume