Paramedic Resume Profile Summary Examples

Updated on: November 3, 2019

Providing an overview of your competencies at the beginning of your resume is essential for two reasons:

• To let the reader know about your personality
• To provide information on your skills and experiences


Both these can be written in two or three lines.

Do not confuse your summary or profile statement with a cover letter. While cover letters serve more or less the same purpose, they are more detailed and are always written as a separate document.

Write concisely using descriptive words. It is a good idea to keep the profile unique by refraining from writing words or phrases that you intend to use in other parts of your resume.



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To see what career profile typically look like, have a look at the following examples for a paramedic resume:

Profile/Summary Examples for Paramedic Resume

• Quick and dexterous Paramedic with 5+ years’ experience in handling emergency situations by providing immediate course of treatment. Proven skills in resuscitating and stabilizing patients and providing emotional support to families.

• Reliable and emotionally-stable paramedic with a strong record of handling emergencies by quickly providing first aid and CPR. Capable of employing quick and accurate judgment to gauge patients’ conditions and employ relevant medical services. Exceptionally quick-witted with solid knowledge of onsite patient care and transportation.

• A proactive and reliable paramedic with excellent ability to respond to emergency calls in a calm, efficient, and prompt manner. Able to administer basic and advanced life support to patients, onsite, and in a pre-hospital setting.

• Energetic, quick paramedic with a track record of providing medical assistance during emergency situations. Special skills include administering CPR, inhibiting shock, controlling severe bleeding, and preventing spinal damage.

• A dependable individual with keen awareness and experience in taking clinical responsibility of patients in accident and emergencies. Able to provide patient-focused delivery of care, treatment, and safe transport of patients.